Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week Six: Changes

Week Six
My husband is still thrilled that I am pregnant. Every day he says, “Babe, I can’t wait until you start showing!” My dad calls me everyday from Michigan to see how I am doing. He is really thrilled too. He used to answer the phone when I called asking, “Are you calling to tell me I am going to be a grandpa yet?!?” When I told him he was going to be a grandpa, he was so excited then gave the phone to my little sister. I heard him in the background saying things like, “Man I am old now… I am going to be a grandpa! They better call me Papa. Mariah tell Cassie to have her kids call me Papa.” My mom is thrilled too. She shares all her stories with me about being pregnant. She is taking me to my ultrasound appointment too. She canceled her massage thing to come with me!
Maternity clothes kind of scare me. I mean I know I will get that big eventually, but I look at the pants that I got from my really skinny friend and I just cant imagine stretching THAT BIG! Also, Having a living creature moving around inside me?!? Growing!?! Eating all my food!?!
This baby will be worth it. Goodbye body as I currently know you. Goodbye fitting into a size 5-7. Goodbye all hopes of ever fitting into a 3 again! I just remember the beautiful women I know who have had kids: Cristina is one of them. Just gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind looking like she does after this child.
I have had the best friends ever through this so far. I know I can call anyone up with my emotional changes, my showing belly, my nausea and they will just counsel me through reminding me its all worth it. Thanks Cristina and Katesophia and Charity! I love you guys!
Physical Changes: Some breast tenderness, not too life changing. Really lightheaded and black outs if I stand for about an hour. Seriously, forget about even trying to workout at this point! Also, EXTREEMLY tired. I feel like I need to sleep 10 hours a night, then I go sit on the couch to read my Bible and I end up falling asleep again! Also some minor pelvic cramping and pain (due to stretching I was told).
Every night I get really nauseous and bloated! I look like I am already showing! I thinks its actually water retention. But I definitely have a belly every night. Its really weird.

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