Friday, January 3, 2014

Natural First Aid Kits - Teeth Regeneration

So for Christmas this year, I made some Natural First Aid kits for a few people.

Here is a list of what they included:

  • Ginger Tincture
  • Chamomile Tincture
  • Lavender Tincture
  • Cuts & Wounds Blend
  • Relax Blend
  • Cheer-Me-Up Blend
  • Headache Blend
  • Immune Booster Blend
  • Study/Concentration Blend
  • Rosemary Mint Healing Salve
  • White Tea, Lemongrass Facial Toner
We currently have RSV and possibly the influenza so I had to quickly whip up a batch of Rosemary Mint Healing salve and added sone Eucalyptus and Lavender oils to help relieve coughing and stressed esophagus muscles. It seems to be working wonderfully! It also helps with the chapped skin under the kid's noses. It healed their chapped, flakey skin almost instantly! I was amazed!!!

I am looking into starting to sell some of my home remedies in some way. My mom wants me to start up an official business and get a website (which I may do in the longer run) and also so that I can sell things in to her clients (she's a massage therapist). But I think I am just gong to start by selling things to my friends and family or those interested by word of mouth. My prices would mostly just cover the cost with maybe a few dollars for a small profit. 

I am currently looking into making:
  • Garlic Tincture - Natural Antibiotic
  • Ecinacia Tincture - Immune Booster 
  • Peppermint Tincture - Remedy for so many things!
  • Comfrey Leaf Tincture - Also great for many things
I am also typing up a whole sheet of things that I make as well as pricing and sizes and my personal recipes and such so I can keep track of everything.


On another health note... 
I have done lots of research on teeth regeneration. 
I have 20+ cavities as well as a dislocated jaw and drink TONS of coffee everyday just to find some pain relief. I have been using clove oil to numb the teeth nerves, but it can only do so much. 

I went into the dentist for the first time in a few years and got my first "fillings"... I am still very distraught about the whole thing! I left in FAR more pain then I went in with, not to mention a mouth full of who-knows-what kinds of metals and such.

So, as of January 1st, I am going to do something similar to what I did when Hayven was first born to rid my body of Endometriosis, however, this is going to be quite different aimed at, hopefully, promoting my teeth to become stronger and, possibly, regenerating themselves?!? It sound ludicrous to most... but so did the idea that I could rid my body of my chronic pelvic pain and "infertility"... uh ummm.... I have 4 kids now... just saying...

So what I am doing in the following:
  • Taking a multivitamin
  • Taking Cod Liver Oil
  • Drinking at least two glasses of raw milk daily
  • Eatings LOTS of animal based products (chicken broth, bone stocks... possibly animal organs if I can get myself to do it...)
  • Limiting my fruit intake and any type of sugar intake
  • Only eating grains if they have been soaked/fermented first
  • Not eating any wheat/oatmeal or processed foods
My plan is to stick to this for 6 months and then see where I am at. If there seems to be improvement, I want to continue. If not, we are going to look into a good, reliable dentist and do things the main stream way. 

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  1. You could possibly look into selling your products on Etsy! That's a great marketplace for those type of things. The best way to get sales there is your marketing photos, the look of your packaging and labels, and clever descriptions. :) But since it seems to be something you love doing, you could generate a little side income or some fun money at least from there! I love Etsy!!

    Good luck with everything. Would you be interested in sharing some of your recipes here in the meantime? I am looking more into doing things as naturally as possible, including treating ailments. I've been using organic coconut oil for my skin and hair lately, and love it. I had some yeast in my underarms and it cleared it right up in 2 days time as opposed to a $50 Rx for medicated fungal powder!

    I also purchased homemade beard and loc butter for my S/O's beard and dread locks. He loves it!