Saturday, August 24, 2013

Iowa and Wisconsin Pics

We went on a less-then-24-hour-trip to Iowa last Saturday.
You see, I was in my pajamas, with barley a cup of coffee in my system, driving my husband to the airport to get his rental car to go with the twin girls to Iowa for his brother's wedding. He came back to the car informing me he got a GREAT deal on a much bigger car and wants us all to go. Problem is, we need to leave in about an hour... 

So we run home and I pack, get dressed and off we went!

Alex's Mom and her grandson Elias :)

Sunday we slept in and went to have dinner with some friends followed by a prayer meeting. I then spent the night packing and cleaning because in the morning we were going to Wisconsin for the rest of the week to spend with family. 

Bears touching people with his snake :)

All the cousins !!! ... This would be a LOT of kids to inherit... please don't ever die Mr. & Mrs. Douglas...

Me and my love


My best friend and sister-in-law.

We have two more trips in the near future: 
My husband, Elias and I will be going to Nebraska for a pastors conference in a couple weeks. And then in November we will all be going to Arizona with my dad, step-mom and little brother to visit my grandparents for a week or so. We are hoping to make it out to Detroit, Michigan sometime after that... probably not until 2014. I am thinking March-ish??

Nap Time on the Drive Home from Wisconsin

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  1. Elias is beautiful! The cousins are all adorable! What a great looking bunch of kiddos!

    You went short and Alex's hair has gotten LONG since the last pic I remember haha.