Monday, July 1, 2013

34 Weeks

Well, I made it! 34 weeks!

Yes I look tired and ... crappy... and huge...

Pregnancy with Hayven at 35 Weeks

Pregnancy with Twins 35 Weeks

So as you can see, I look like I am bigger then I was with Hayven, but smaller then I was with the twins. All terrible pictures.. but you get the picture.

Things are defenetly progressing right on track. Its so funny to read this post (Ahavah & Alecia - Delivered at 35W 5D) and this post (Hayven - Delivered at 36W 0D) and see how right on course I am compared to the last two pregnancies. 

I am now having contractions about every 10-15 minutes apart all day long. The back pain in tremendous though. Worse then any other pregnancy. It's like a achey, cramp-y feeling for a few hours that tightens and gets worse when I contract, but then it will let up a little for a few hours, then get worse again. It seems to come in waves. 

Someone has my girls today and tomorrow (PRAISE GOD!!! I am not a very pleasant person to be around most of the time right now). Then Alex has Wednesday through Friday off, he works Saturday, then has Sunday off. Then... I will be 35 weeks! 

Secretly I hope I make it until 35 weeks then I want to go that week! My poor girls are getting the brunt of my waves of misery. I try to be patient and considerate, but when you can't do anything but lean over the bed and cry, it's hard to deal with all the demands and the peeing on the floor and the fighting and screaming! I am SO thankful someone has them these next few days so I can relax and prepare for the birth of my son. 

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