Thursday, February 21, 2013

15 1/2 Weeks: Contractions?!?

15 1/2 Weeks Pregnant and had a SCRAY night last night.

I started having Braxton hicks contractions every 5-10 minutes last night.
Usually this happens toward the END of my second trimester... not the BEGINNING.

My mid-wife at my last appointment was very concerned about me going into pre-term labor with this baby and wanted me to get on a large amount of supplements (which I still have not done...). Her goal is to get me to AT LEAST 37 weeks. 

I have gained about 8lbs so far and weigh about 144-146lbs.

I am starting to get that second-trimester-energy now (PRAISE GOD!), but also the back muscles are sore already.

Praying for the baby to keep forming 
and (of course) 
for a penis in the up-coming ultrasound :)


  1. Penis! Penis! Penis!

    Praying for a healthy pregnancy and a bouncing baby boy!! You get to find out so SOON! Wow how time flies!

    HE will be here healthy and happy and sun-kissed brown in 22-25 more weeks! Counting on it!