Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All About Chamomile


Here are my notes from studying Chamomile. I read many other books, but continued to get the same information so it is only cited in the original source I read it in. Enjoy!!

Key Actions: Anti-allergenic, Anti-inflammatory, Relaxant, Relieves Spasms, Soothes Digestions, Wound healer

Medicinal Uses:
Digestive and Inflammatory Conditions: 
Safe for babies (6 months and up), children and adults. 
Mouth ulcers; Stomach ache; Colic; Soothes inflammation, acidity, and cramps. 
Muscle Cramps; Gastritis; Chron’s disease; Colitis; Menstrual Cramps.
Mild Sedative and Relaxant; Anxiety; Stress; Nervousness; IBS
2 Fevers, particularly with malaria; Headaches; kidney, liver, bladder problems
2 Jaundice, Kidney Stones, Dropsy (congestive heart failure); typhus
2 Quiet fetal kicking; Stop Pre-mature Labor; Sore nipples; Suppress Milk Supply
2 Prevents and Promotes Healing with Stomach Ulcers
2 Speeds Healing wounds and burns; Arthritis 
2 Kills Candida Albicans (yeast infection); Kills staphhylococcus bacteria
2 Impairs relpication of Polio Virus
2 Boosts Immune System

Dosage Guidelines:
Nursing mom’s can take it for their nursing baby or add a cup to baby’s bath

 Adult: 5-15g/day, or max 100g (3 1/2 oz) per week.
6 months-1 year: .5g/ day
1-6 years: 1.6g/day
7-11 years: 2.5g/day
12-16 years: 5g/day

2 Infusion: 2-3 tsps flowers per cup boiling water. Steep 10-20 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily.
2 Homemade Tincture: 1/2 tsp-1tsp 3 times daily
2 Compress: Brew strong infusion and soak cloth in it. Place on desired area.
2 Bath: Handful of flowers in bath or in cloth and let water run through it

1tsp = 5g

Best Take an Infusion. Tincture Good. Essential Oil Topically ONLY.

***Herbal Remidies by Andrew Chevalliei, Eyewitness Companions
Copyright 2007 Dorling Kindersley Limited, pg. 98-99, DK

2 The New Healing Herbs: The Classic Guide to Nature’s Best Medicines by Michael Castleman
Copyright 200, pg. 123-126 Rodale

Things I love to do with Chamomile:
(1) Throw it in the bathtub! 
(2) Make some tea for the kids to sip on (and myself of course)
(3) Add some of my tincture to lotion/creams to relieve itchy skin

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