Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homemade Mascara Attempt

So to make my own mascara this first time I used:

Organic BeesWax (Maybe 1/2 tsp?)
Organic Coconut Oil (Maybe 1 tsp?)
Aloe Vera Gel (Maybe 1 tsp?)
Activated Charcoal Capsules (2-3)
Olive Oil (Maybe 1 tsp?)

I took a small amount of bees wax and some coconut oil and put them in a small pot to melt together.
Then, I took the aloe vera and activated charcoal tablet and put them in a small bowl.
I combined the wax and coconut oil with the aloe and charcoal and stirred with a baby spoon.
I then added Olive oil until I got the creamy, yet still firm texture I wanted. 

Here is the result:

I will really need to measure the supplies I used next time :)

UPDATE: I did NOT like this recipe!
It was much too oily and wouldn't stay on my lashes... :(

UPDATE II: I have currently given up on trying different recipes for homemade mascara. I just can't get it the way I want it. The best recipe I found was:

Aloe Vera Gel
Activated Charcoal

The gel dries on your lashes and doesn't run, 
but you can't get it to layer and get very thick. 
Also, the activated charcoal sometimes get in your eye and feels gritty.

Just going to stick to store-bought for a while. :)

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