Saturday, February 25, 2012

Are You Training?

Ahavah is doing fantastic with Potty Training! 

She goes to the potty by herself whenever she needs to go!
Alex even took her to Fellowship Night last night and put her and her sister in the back room with the potty out by the bathroom. They sat quietly in the back room and played (the whole 2 hours) and whenever Ahavah had to use the potty, she came out, used it, and went back into the room!


I even tried having Alecia walk around naked and use the potty for about a 1/2 day and she did amazing too. Mom just got a little overwhelmed with naked girls so I put a diaper back on Alecia. I am going to have her commit to potty training on Monday when I have the whole week with at least one parent home all the time to train her.

Everyone keeps telling us how "lucky" we are that our girls are so well behaved, so easily trained...

I am pretty convinced it is NOT luck, but hard work and training. I believe that because we were consistent with disciplining our kids and how we have trained them thus far in their lives, it made this milestone easier. 

I also believe, if we stay consistent with training and disciplining them, the "terrible twos" or "threes" or "teens" won't be as bad. I am NOT saying that we won't hit hardship, or that our kids will be perfect (my kids have peed and pooped on the floor while potty training), but they will be better equipped! 

It's like my pastor says when it comes to ministry: Sweat in training so you won't bleed in battle. I think that is a military saying too. 

So reflecting on this whole process, I have a few reflecting questions to ask myself (and for you to ask yourself):

  1. In your walk with Jesus, are you preparing for the works He has for you? Are you training yourself to control your flesh and walk in the Spirit?
  2. Are you getting trained up in ministry? Jesus brought His disciples around with him everywhere. They had to learn the ministry of Jesus. Are you involved at church? Are you out sharing the good news of Jesus? Are you training??
  3. What about you moms: are you training your kids in a way that will make things easier for you in the long run? For them in the long run? Are you teaching them to control the flesh? Are you training them in ministry?
How do you do this?? Pray about it. Read your word. Teach your kids. What does God want you doing? Sharing the gospel? Starting a prayer meeting? Leading a small group? Singing worship? Bring your kids and teach them!

Reflect on these things. Ask the Lord to show you where you are REALLY at.

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  1. I'm a big fan of training and consistency-

    but I have to say, you seem to also be blessed with easy going kids.