Saturday, January 21, 2012

So In Love

I cannot tell you how much I love being a mom...

Holding my newborn.
Taking in her smell.
Brushing my nose against her soft cheek.
Watching her chest rise and fall as she breaths.
The excitement that fills my heart when I hear her little whimper.
Watching her go from extremely upset to completely calm at just the sound of my voice.
Feeling her snuggle as close as she can to me. 
Feeling the warmth of her little breath on my chest as we sleep.

My twins.
Looking deep into their dark brown eyes filled with joy and hope.
Calling their name just so they will look at me and I can see them smile.
Rolls of laughter that fill the house.
Little faces scrunched up when they laugh.
Little bellys and hips shaking back and forth when they dance.
Tears that fill their eyes and run down their cheeks.
Wet spots on my shoulder from catching those tears.
Big lower lips that stick out when they are sad.
Sounds that come out of their little mouths when they try to have a conversation with me.
Four little feet pattering behind me no matter where I go.
Three "potties" in the bathroom so we can all go together.
Wanting to wear no clothes, but wanting to wear every hat and hair piece in the house.
Putting those hats and hair pieces on a hundred times in a row.
Begging me to read a book only to take it back after just the first page was read.
The gut-renching cry and scream when I leave.
The laughter and thrill on their faces when I come back.

Oh Lord, my heart longs for you in this same way! 
I take so much joy in You!
I want to follow behind You wherever You go, just because I want to be with You.
I want to dance with You.
I don't ever want You to leave my side.
I want to cry on Your shoulder every time I am sad.
I want to feel the warmth of Your breath and of Your embrace.

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  1. I love your is a prayer really of praise!
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