Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Flu, RSV, Pneumonia and Mommy-Nature


My husband took the month of January off, but God has His own plans of how we would spend it.

Oh, we had our plans:
Spend two weeks at home, together, going to church, relaxing, and getting some ministry things done that we have been putting off.
Spend a week visiting the Douglas' in Beloit, WI and a day or two in Chicago visiting the Deane's.
Spend the last week relaxing/getting done things that have been put off.

But God has His plans:
Spend a first week with the flu: I am talking both ends, 1 1/2 week long flu!
Spend a week in the hospital with Hayven having RSV and pneumonia, while Alex was barricaded at home with the twins who have RSV, fevers, runny noses, and possibly ear infections.

We will see how the last two weeks of this month turn out.

I must say though, it is really cool how God created women with the nature to nurture. As I was in the hospital with Hayven, I had to see her get blood drawn, get a cathiter, get a spinal tap, be on oxygen, get a tube through her nose into her stomach, have her oxygen levels drop to scary numbers, have her nose suctioned every three hours, and have her on seemingly endless anti-biotics and IV fluids. Then, when I video chatted with my twins on the computer, I had to see them miserable, just laying on the couch with fevers and drippy noses. I just wanted to hold all my kids in my arms and protect them, comfort them, and love on them! 

And if that isn't enough...

While in the hospital, I got really sick. I started running a fever and got the RSV also. I couldn't breathe through my nose (still can't) and was coughing up a storm. All I wanted to do was sleep! But Hayven kept waking up with gas pains and wanting to eat and choking on the mucus in the throat, that I couldn't bear to leave her, let alone sleep through her misery! 

Talk about overwhelming huh? All this to tell you that...

God sustains, mothers! Bringing home a newborn, while already having kids is hard. Hayven still wants to eat every three hours and still seems to have the worst gas pains at night when mommy needs to sleep, the girls are still pretty sick and wake up screaming because they can't breath very well, and mommy is now dealing with a sinus infection as well as some increasing pelvic pain from the endometriosis... yet my husband made the comment:

"You're a great mom Mrs. Babe. You go through so much, yet you don't complain. I can see that you were made to do this: made to be a mom."

I cannot tell you what joy that brought me! 
I was made to be a mom! I was created to be able to handle all this! God does and will forever sustain me! Praise and Glory be to my Maker!

To all moms who are tired, hurting, or just want to give up... this is only a season. Your little one's will grow up. I honestly believe you will miss the late nights of falling asleep with a nursing baby in your arms. Or the snuggle sessions on the couch comforting your feverish toddler. And, you are training up your little one's to be selfless. They see how you are with them when you aren't feeling well (even if they don't verbally tell you they see it) and they will become what you example to them. 


**Also, I found this great product for if your babies or toddlers have to be on antibiotics. You can find it at your local organic food co-op. I have Hayven and the twins all on it right now.**


  1. Yikes! What a rough start for little Hayven, and for the new year for all of you who were sick!

    I pray everyone is on the mend now and the remainder of the month is calm!

  2. Praying for you!!
    I'm so glad that you are able to spend this time together as a family.
    Congratulations on Hayven! :) She is absolutely beautiful!
    And so are you- you are a good mom!