Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Israel Update :)

So I failed epically at giving daily updates as to how our trip is going! I have plenty of good excuses of course. But here are the highlights so far:

Talking with our tour guide (Tal) and seeing how the Israeli's eat here spurs me on big time! As you know, I am already a health nut and LOVE to make things from scratch (because of all my health problems and just because I love it). 

This is how they are naturally in Israel!
There are so many fruits and vegetables. The breads here are amazing because they are made from scratch. People take pride in making food from scratch. 

Tal was explaining that it is so hard for him and his family to eat when they come to America because by the end of their 3rd day, his kids desperately want fruits and vegetables.

This is a picture of a lunch we had in Nazareth. Home-made lentil soup, home-made hummus, home-made flat bread ect. 
Another highlight of the trip so far was the border of Jordan that we went to. We could not step onto the dirt that you see on this picture because our footprint would be found and if anything happened, the government would hunt us down. 

Tal expounded on the history of Israel and Jordan as well as some pretty amazing (and very tragic) stories that happened not too long ago.
This is me shopping in Tiberias for wrap skirts. This is generally where I get them every year. 
Here is my husband and I on Mount Arbel with the Sea of Galilee behind us. I am not sure if this lesson was taught at this spot, but one of the pastor's spoke about what is more real: God's Word or our circumstances? 

This really hit home as well as a few other points from some teachings:

Just how much our misperceptions can influence how we think/act.

CEO: Christmas and Easter Only Christians

 We are pre-970BC borders (not pre-1917 borders).
We went on the Worship Boat on the Sea of Galilee which is always one of my favorites because I LOVE to worship my Savior. Every time I have been on this, it has rained and been the most amazing experience ever! The guy who sings takes common worship songs and does them in Hebrew and English. It is so awesome.  
 The Valley of Tears was the most heart-stirring place I went to on this trip. The story of the battle that took place here was unbelievable and extremely heroic. I want to do a history story or read the biography of the commander at this battle.

 This was an enemy tank at the Valley of Tears.

This was an Israeli Tank. 
This was when we went on ATVs  along the border of Israel and Lebanon I believe. Sure you can take a tour bus around the border... or you can ATV around it!!!
Of course, Mr. Babe was feeling manly and wouldn't let me drive... again.... 

We are actually deeper into out trip then this, but I want to get some rest tonight so I am going to update more later. This pregnancy has been rough the past two days and now I am sick with some stomach/throat/sinus thing and have taken it really easy today (with the exception of doing some shopping). 

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