Monday, October 31, 2011

10/30/2011 Day One: Flight to Tel Aviv

Our first flight left Saint Paul at 4:30pm and headed over to New Work (about a 3 hour flight) which is where we got onto our connecting flight to Tel Aviv (about a 10 hour flight). We arrived in Tel Aviv at 4:00pm Israel time (9:00am Minnesota time).
So how are we doing?
Well we haven’t slept in several days because we had to drop our kids off in Beloit, WI with my most awesome brother and sister Zack and Cristina Douglas. We are also very excited to just walk around today (considering we had two 6 hour drives to WI as well as 13 hours of air-time and more hours of airport time). 

The flights didn’t seem as long as they were. Usually that happens on your way to a destination. However, on the way home seems like an eternity!
On our first flight we were in an extremely small plane that was only three seats wide with a very small isle. When we boarded the plane I felt so claustrophobic! I have NEVER felt that way in my life! I had to take deep breaths and keep myself relaxed. 
The second plane was a very large one with 9 seat rows as well as two isles. We each had a touch screen tv on the seat in front of us with 128 movies, many TV shows, electronic games, music and other fun things to do. You could even play a game with someone else on the plane! 
I have noticed that British guys are very selfish and rude. There was one woman who had her hands full of stuff as she was waiting in line for the bathroom. She ran back to her seat to put the stuff down and came back and asked if she could get back her spot in line and this older gentleman was very rude with her. I told her she could have my spot and I would wait. Sure enough after the lady went to the bathroom this man pushed his way into the stall.
Another time, an older jewish woman who couldn’t stand very well was asking us in Hebrew if she could go in front of us in line (at least I think that is what she asked?!?). Right away I said, “Yes! Please go in front of me!” There was at least one british man who was standing there and gave me some nasty looks as I helped the woman into the airplane stall. 
After we arrived in Tel Aviv we dropped off some supplies to the church out here and then headed to our hotel. There was a jewish wedding taking place and the music and dancing and jot was intoxicating! The men were all wearing their head caps and jumping around singing and dancing and the women, bound hand in hand, were dancing and clapping as well. Weddings here are so much more joyful and feel like a true celebration!
My back, legs and especially my neck and shoulders are pretty sore. I went to sleep around 10pm (about 3pm back home) and woke up at 4am (about 9pm). This, my friends is called jet-lag
So here we are, Mr. Babe and I, laying on our two twin beds pushed together in our hotel room at Tel Aviv, Israel, waiting for the 7am breakfast call before we start our day in Biblical Samara. 
Until I write again,

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