Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ahavah officially stood today on her own several times! The first time was outside of the Grossmann's house in the grass. I let go of her for a second grabbing Alecia from some despicable damage, when I noticed she didn't fall! She just stood there, solitary, staring at me, like it was no big deal. When we went inside, she did it several times! I am so stinkin' proud of her like some gitty mom! :)

It just reminded me of a conversation my husband and I just had... Someone we know wants to marry the person that they are dating. One claims to be a believer but doesn't really know God's Word and I don't see it lived out in her life. The other one I am pretty sure isn't a believer in Jesus Christ.

I love these people VERY DEARLY and want to be (and am) excited that they want to get married one day; however, I am nervous as to what marriage would be like for them.

How do marriage's work that don't have a foundation, something to stand on? If you don't have the Word of God and His guidelines for marriage, how He created it to function, how does it work? How could it work?

  • When a husband isn't the head of the home?
  • When a wife doesn't have to submit to him?
  • When children don't need to be disciplined, or aren't disciplined properly?
  • When it is unknown that "a soft word turns away anger"?
  • When NONE of the deeply profound Proverbs are known or applied to marriage? (controlling one's temper, adultery, finances, laziness, gossip/slander)

Seriously!! Think about this!

I am SO THANKFUL for God's written word! I am thankful I have a layout for how to manage my finances, raise Godly, respectful children, have a marriage that is loving and lasting, how to build my husband up and encourage him to be a leader and a man after God's heart, how to please the heart of God!!!

PRAY for those whose marriages are at the brinks of a terrible ending. Pray that God gets a hold of their hearts and that His truth penetrates and changes. Pray that pride is killed and that truth and love reign! And let us NOT BACK DOWN but STAND on our convictions and STAND on the Living, Breathing, Creator's written Word!

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  1. How fun that Ahavah is standing!! Those girls are sure cute! And what a wonderful reminder of the importance of having God as our rock!