Saturday, July 9, 2011

Random Thoughts About This Pregnancy

I am officially 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

I started feeling the baby move on July 3rd... so I was 11 weeks?

The girls put their hands on my belly when I say "baby!"

I have another ultrasound this coming Thursday.
I was told I will find out the sex of the baby, but I think it will still be too early.

This pregnancy has been different.
I have many headaches.
I also have been cramping ALOT!
The nausea is random and inconsistent now (Praise the Lord!)

It is also going a whole lot faster.
Mostly because I am not so focused on counting the days down until I meet the baby.
Not that I am not excited, but I am so busy with life with two beautiful girls, I don't have the time to "watch my belly grow" :)

I am really hoping and praying this baby is a boy.
EVERYONE, except my dad, thinks that this is a boy... well and me.
I think it is a girl.
But, I was WAY WRONG last time!!!

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  1. YAY!! 12 weeks!! I think about you every sunday! haha so I guess I am counting down the weeks for you! Keeps my mind of counting the weeks for myself as much! Love you man! Let me know how the appointment goes!