Saturday, July 9, 2011

Independence Day

**Our Fourth of July**

We were at Lake Elmo from 9:30am-6:30pm

For by the death He died, He died to sin [ending His relation to it] once for all; and the life that He lives, He is living to God [in unbroken fellowship with Him].
Romans 6:10

Now THAT is worth lighting fireworks for!!!!

For sin shall not [any longer] exert dominion over you, since now you are not under Law [as slaves], but under grace [as subjects of God's favor and mercy].
Romans 6:14

Now THAT is freedom!!!!

Alecia LOVED fireworks! She would put her hands up in the air and try to grab them.
After each went off she would go "ahh".

Ahavah... well she slept through the whole thing.
I don't blame her, I was pretty wiped out too :)

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