Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Au Revoir Nursing & Best Friends

It is time to say "Au Revoir" to nursing. It has been about 4 days since I stopped nursing now. I am basically just going cold turkey. The first day was REALLY PAINFUL! I had to pump, but since then I am doing just fine. I am giving the girls Earth's Best Organic Formula for the time being until I run out. Then I will probably keep them on Organic Whole Cow's Milk.

The transition wasn't too hard for the girls. When they work up in the morning the first few days they would cry and pull on my shirt, but once I gave them sow cherrio's and a bottle, they were just fine.

The Best OF Friends!
I absolutly LOVE that my girls share a crib! Although you have to deal with them stealing each other's nooks and trampling each other, you also have to deal with waking up in the morning to laughter!

The girls sleep in the living room now and they think it is the greatest thing to stand up in their crib and see "mama" in the kitchen when they are supposed to be napping...

We started putting a sheet on their crib until they fell asleep and then taking it off. We take it off because this started happening...

Now that Ahavah is crawling, she follows Alecia all over the place. What used to be the "3 second rule" with food under the table, is now the "3 day rule" because they find food that I never knew was there. No one can make Ahavah laugh like Alecia can! Ahavah just thinks she is SO FUNNY! They also love to dance together. Anytime a commercial comes on or the music from the weather channel, they drop whatever they are doing and start dancing. :) I will try to get more on video and share these precious moments.


  1. I love your girls!!! They are just so precious!

  2. OH! And I can not believe how long their hair is now!! They are gorgeous girls man!