Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About a Month In?

Because many people are asking how I am doing, I will make a short post on how this pregnancy is going.

Almost EXACTLY like the last one. I am exhausted and feel like doing absolutely NOTHING but sleeping. When I have a short burst of energy, I quickly whip up some food for my girls then plop back down on the couch again.

Being pregnant with kids is a whole different ball-game. I cannot rest like I did my first pregnancy. I mean the kids need someone to change their diapers, stop the other one from pulling on their hair, protect them from getting into the recycling basket, feed them... you know... all that stuff.

Forget about keeping my house spotless at this point! I am lucky to put my own bowl back in the sink without falling asleep lol. :)

The sickness is not so bad... worse at night. A little worse today then in the past. My ultrasound in Thursday!!! I am so EXCITED!!!

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  1. Mon petit chou! I am so excited that you are prego again!! I am living in London this summer for about 7 weeks, and then traveling for a week after. My program is done July 2, and I leave the London for home on July 10th! My sis and I are traveling in Scotland and England. I am so surprised to hear you are having more babies! I am SO excited for you!