Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Whole New World

Our girls only spent 3 1/2 days in the NICU. They were born August 30th (Monday) and released to go home on Thursday the 2nd. It's kind of scary bringing home two little lives that are totally dependent on you. I mean I could... drop them or squish them or something! Things are better now though. I feel more confident with them now. However, I am nervous when it comes to letting other people hold them or touch them. I am really fearful of being in a situation at like a family reunion or something and I say no to people when everyone wants to hold them. I don't want to be mean, I just want to protect them.

Alex is so great with them! I am so so so happy that I married that man. He is an amazing father and an amazing husband! Thankyou Jesus!!!

We had our first pediatricition appointment today and Ahavah looks great, but Alecia has a really loud heart murmur. I am not too worried about it, but we have an ecocardiograhm appointment for her just to make sure. OTher then that... I have this horrible thing called PUPPS! I itch EVERYWHERE!! HORRIBLY!! And I have what looks like hives or chicken pox covering my legs, butt, arms, and belly. It is so horrible! I am using Dandelion Root orally to try to kill the rash as well as applying GoldBond Medicated Powder. I am not sure if it is helping exactly, but I think it is?? When you itch the rash, it gets worse; it seems like when you don't itch it, it begins to fade. But it itches SO SO SO bad!!!

So anyways, I am so thankful that Alex has this month off of work. We are leaving for Zack and Crisitina's at some point this week and staying with them work a week or so. We have all these appointments for the girls (2 pediatrician and 1 ecocardiograhm) not to mention two newborns to get used to.

Here are some cute things I notice about our girls:
  • When you remove one of them from the bassinette, the other one will be fussy until her sister is next to her again.
  • If you lay them on the floor for tummy time, they will scoot next to each other until they are touching then will fall asleep.
Sleep isn't that bad of an issue. I actually quite enjoy waking up to their cries for me and meeting their needs until they are soothed back to sleep. With the crying (babies) and the itching (PUPPS), I get probably 4-5 hours a night. Alex is really great though. I let him sleep through the night and then in the morning he will take them our in the living room and watch them a few hours while I get some sleep.

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  1. That is so great Cassie. I will pray for your pupps to go away. And for Alecia's heart murmur. Lily had that, and it has gotten better. I think I told you that already. Good job trusting Jesus. God is good. -Bridget