Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th 2010!

So here is how it all went down!

After I had my appointment and my doctor said that he expected me to deliver this week, I descided to help God out and do what I could to move my girls toward delivery. I walked 5 miles on Friday (at home and around Lake Phalen), cleaned my whole house (I'm talking even vacuumed the ceilings), went to the State Fair and walked 7 hours on Saturday, drank raspberry leaf tea, got foot massages, had lots of sex... but what I think really did it was caster oil.

Last night (Sunday night) I drank 1 1/2 tbsp of Caster Oil in a glass of orange juice. I had my doubts that it would do anything. 2:15am I woke up and then I seriously thought I peed my pants. TONS of water came out. I went to the bathroom and had to just sit there becuase water kept coming out. It did for an hour or two after that. Contractions got strong immediately when I started having them at 2:30am. I woke Alex up and we packed and cleaned and by the time we left the apartment (around 3:30am I think) my contractions were easily a minute or less apart and pretty strong.

** Side Note: My mucus plug had started coming out Friday I think. Looked like snot. Seriously! And there were also chunks of like egg white looking stuff.**

We got to the hospital and I was screaming in pain! It was like one long contraction that lasted 5 minutes with a minute break in between (maybe). Turned out I was 5cm and 95% effaced. The nurses were scrambling to get everything set up to get an epideral in me. One nurse was squeezing the saline bag just to get enough fluid in me before the epideral. But let me tell you... that drug is from GOD!! I got it at 5am and it worked immediately. I laughed and smiled ALL through labor AND delivery! It was fantastic!

I felt contractions in my butt.... which was weird feeling. I guess it was the pressure of Ahavah pushing her way out. I also had to get a catheter since I had an epideral... that was strange too... didnt like that too much. Then at about 8 something (I think) I was already ready 10cm and Ahavah's head was working it's way out. They rolled me to the OR room and I was trying so hard not to push (had to wait for my doctor to show up).

SO delivery: wasn't that bad actually. It was much more work then I thought it was going to be. YOu REALLY need to push those girls out! My doctor said, "Now expect to be here for 2-4 hours. Most women with their first babies take about that long." Well, within 30 minutes, both my girls were out! When the head is about to come out, you feel like a burning sensation because you are stretching so much. The worst, I think, is when the doctor reaches in (after the head is out) and pulls out the babies body. You feel all this pressure leaving and you feel her limbs come out slowly... its really nasty!!

Another nasty thing was after Ahavah was out and I had to push Alecia out. You feel emptier inside and when you push, you feel like it's useless... there is nothing to push! But my body went into like auto-pilot! It pushed when I wasn't even contracting. I couldn't control it. Kinda like when you REALLY need to get some poop out and your body takes over and just pushes. Alecia's head hurt coming out more then Ahavah's. But when she was almost out, she actually pulled herself out without me pushing. My doctor was like, "Oh wow! This girl is pulling herself out! Here she comes!"

They placed each baby on my chest right when they came out. All bloody and purple. Then they took them and cleaned them up and handed them back to me to hold. Then my mom and Alex got to take them to the NICU and get them settled in there.

Ahavah weighed 5lbs 5oz and born at 8:52am and Alecia weighed 6lbs 2oz and 9:04am.

Ahavah Eden Deputie

Alecia Grace Deputie

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