Friday, August 20, 2010

34 Weeks!!

I made it! 34 weeks was our goal! I am NOW officially home-free! I got my doctor's word today that if I go into labor again, they WILL NOT stop it! I cannot wait! It is seriously uncomfortable now. I am sure it could (and will) get worse. Everything from standing (back hurts), to sitting (suffocation), to laying down (bad circulation and shortness of breath) are all uncomfortable positions. If only I could levitate or something...

MY ear has been hurting for two weeks now also. I was on antibiotics (again) and they didn't help. My doctor guesses it's just fluid that won't drain (apparently common with pregos). Also, the itchiness is unbearable! MY ENTIRE body itches! From my scalp down to my toes. No lie! I don't know what's up with that.

Sleep is foreign to me. I lay in bed until 3am then finally move to the living room couch where I spend the remainder of the night getting 20 minute intervals of "sleep" only to get up and pee until 6am or 7am.

Anyways... my appointment today went well I would say. From now on my appointments are weekly and last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I get an ultrasound, stress test, and meet with my doctor. Ahavah is 5lbs 2oz and Alecia is 5lbs 7oz according to the ultrasound. I weight 186.7lbs or something like that. My nurses and doctor were surprised by how many contractions I am having every hour consistently (6-8). My doctor said he wouldn't worry about them until they are stronger.

We will see how long I can hold out! I can't wait! I want them out! Haha. I want them healthy of course, but I really want them out now. Maybe this week?? Maybe next week?? It's all in the Lord's hands.

My husband and I were talking and he said I am the worst patient for a doctor to have becuase I don't listen to anything they say! I was appalled! He said I am the worst on bed rest (considering I haven't really been abiding by the "only get up to pee and shower" rule...) and they told us no sex.... hahahahahaha. Yeah... I guess we do suck... How can you be married to such a man and refrain from sex?!? Granted it's not the most comfortable thing with a 10lb child strapped to your front side... but still.

I really want my dad to be there for the delivery but he is 5 hours away. I am wanting to call him up when labor just starts and then hold out as long as I can so he can make it. But then there is the good chance that the babies will spend time in the NICU so he might not even be able to see them or hold them. So I figure he comes for delivery and then we come to Michigan sometime after that with the babies. Either way... my babies WILL meet their grandpa! They have the best grandpa in the WORLD!!!

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