Monday, August 16, 2010

33W 5/7 Labor

Yes yes yes I went into pretty hard labor. Contractions, back pain, cramps were painful!! We went into the Maternity Center and they drugged me up (ALOT) and sent me home. I am thankful that my babies have more time to cook (and less in the NICU hopefully), but disappointed it's not over with. My pelvis just hurts now! I feel like I already delivered and am really sore or something.

SO now I am back on bed rest. I am supposed to only have bathroom privileges, but that will probably not happen.

We will see what happens. I feel like once these drugs wear off, I will be right back where I was hours ago.

My husband is great. I am so crabby becuase I haven't slept in 1 1/2 days now... literately!! He's trying to be patient as well as remind me when I am out of line. Praise God for him! We were laughing so hard in the hospital. He made me laugh so much it was hard to measure contractions. He covered me up and tucked me in, got me water, got me socks, got me a warm blanket, he was really great. I am very blessed. :)

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