Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 17

This week seems to be a lot more painful. Maybe becuase on Monday I went for an hour walk to the library and back. Yesterday my back hurt so bad! And two nights ago, I was up every 30 minutes crying becuase the babies were sitting right in my pelvis and, on top of that, I was doing some serious stretching. My great husband rubbed my back (for a few minutes becuase he kept falling asleep) until I would wake up crying again. Last night was better, but nights are rough. I suppose they just get worse the bigger I get.

The itching is more tolerable. Like I'm used to it. I feel these kids move ALL day long! Baby B mostly. Then when he/she FINALLY sleeps, Baby A is at it.

Overall I feel good though. The back pain is bothersome, but it's nothing when it comes to one day having two beautiful children!!! :)

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