Friday, May 7, 2010

Week Nineteen: Sexes revealed!

So there is a fair amount of pelvic pressure going on and it is painful to go to the bathroom, so naturally, I figured I had a bladder infection. I made an appointment and went into my favorite nurse Laurie. My test results came back negative, but she brought me into the ultrasound room (as usual) and watched my beautiful babies kick and move around. Baby A was sucking it's thumb! Super cute. Laurie and I were talking and I told her that I still didn't know what the babies were. She rushed out of the room and grabbed the ultrasound specialist ("Koo-ah" is how you say his name). He identified both babies as... GIRLS! I was seriously shocked! I don't think it has sunk in even yet and it's been two days.
Baby A (whom I will from now on call Ahava Eden Deputie) is head down, which is why I don't feel her kicking as often. I am feeling her arms flail around though. Baby B (Alecia Grace Deputie) has her head near my rib cage and is a VERY active little girl. I don't think 15 minutes pass by where I don't feel her kick and move. Both my doctor, nurse, and "Koo-ah" agreed that I have VERY active babies. Ahava turned herself toward Alecia's butt and was puckering up to kiss her butt in the ultrasound. It was really funny!!

My nurse said that I am measuring 28 weeks, but am only 19. I am assuming that is 28 weeks for one baby. We talked about how I have been feeling, about my exercise habits, and so on. Everything seems to be going really well. She said after 24 weeks, I will be seen a lot more to prevent a premature birth.

Well I think that the Lord has a very funny sense of humor... I am going to be completely honest here... I don't think I can handle a girl... let alone TWO GIRLS! I am really nervous now. I got home and told my husband we were having girls and we sat down at the kitchen table for like 30 minutes talking about it. I turned to him and said, "What have we done? Two girls?!? You know this is your fault right? If you would have more y sperms instead of x maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament." I am totally kidding of course. I truly am grateful that we can bear children, especially twins. I firmly believe that God is giving us what we need to have. These are His blessings to us. They may not be the blessing I would have picked out, but His are perfect!

So on the flip side, my mom is really excited! She loves the names we picked out and so do I. Alexander wouldn't let me have a say in their names really. He said no matter what the final decision is his. I understand, these are his baby girls. However the names he picked are ones that I absolutely LOVE!! I am excited about the matching girl outfits. I am also excited because I have a blankie that i had throughout my whole life (seriously I slept with it a few nights after I was married) that is yellow. It is really special because my mom's blankie from when she was little is inside of it. I want to sew another layer on top and cut it in half and give it to my two baby girls.

I am going to type a thing out to each girl reminding them of the meaning of their names and encourage them in the Lord. Ahava (love) Eden (paradise, the garden of eden); Alecia (of noble birth), Grace (Getting what you don't deserve).

Lord, I praise You and exhalt Your name above all else. Even above my own expectations and selfish desires. I praise You for these two beautiful and precious baby girls in my womb! Thankyou Jesus! Please, please prepare me. You know I will need Your help. Maybe You gave them to me so that I am at my whits end all the time and cry out to You more often. Whatever the reason, I know that Your gifts are perfect. Lord, these are Your girls. Show me what I am to do to raise them up for You. I love you Lord. And thankyou.


  1. Girls, girls, girls. I think there's a song in the movie Annie (sung by Carol Burnett) that sums up what a house full of little girls could be like. I must say, from the stories I've heard about your antics, that there is a little bit of payback here. JK. The nice thing about girls is that you know what to expect. You know you will deal with dolls, clothes, telephones, emotions, strong-wills, high-pitched voices, hair-pulling, etc. But you also know what you need to prepare them for, and you are very much equipped to teach them that. I'm excited for you!

  2. Husband and I were in the same boat when we found out we were having a girl, I did NOT want to deal with the emotions that come with a girl! But God knew and we love our Maggie... girls are fun though, you'll be busy. :)

  3. Girls! That's great! I so wanted a girl but convinced myself that I was having another boy so I wouldn't be disappointed. Well, #2 was a girl and I was thrilled... and she has been the biggest tomboy I've ever seen. :-)
    All that matters is that they are healthy. You love and care for them and they'll grow into the people they are meant to be. I'm happy all is well.