Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Kayla Jarmon Book Reviews! MUST READ!

A Christian worldview is imperative to build into our children. Discussing topics like death, abortion, marriage, family, pregnancy, labor, heaven, hell, sin and God's character need to be parts of our daily conversation with our kids. We have the unique opportunity as parents to be the first to answer the questions that enter our young one's minds and the first ones to place the cornerstones on the foundations being built in their hearts.

Kayla Jarmon understood this importance and created two beautiful books as part of her Discussion Book Series called, Don't Forget Me, and Dying Is Part of This World. Our family had the privilege of reviewing these books as well as another of her titles called A Boy and His Dog.

Don't Forget Me is a beautiful and unique book painting a portrait of God speaking and building a relationship with a baby from the moment of conception and while being formed in his mother's womb. This book is written in a dialog format with each character's script highlighted in different colors. The pictures intricately portray a baby growing over the course of 9 months from a small egg into a full-grown baby. 

The baby is conversing with God asking Him what it is he hears, feels, and experiences while in the womb. God is continually reminding the child to remember that He is there. 

Labor begins and God is explaining to the baby how he is going to enter the world and see his mother and father. He continues to encourage the child not to forget Him. 

This book is so incredibly beautiful! I've never looked at pregnancy and birth and parenting in this light before! Such wonderful topics can be discussed with children you're reading to including when life starts, abortion, how babies are made or how they are formed, why a baby is part of dad and part of mom, what labor is like, how important it is to remember God in all things and so much more!

I got to review this book as an ebook online, but I would absolutely LOVE a hard cover copy of this book! This was my favorite book out of the 3 we reviewed of Kayla Jarmon's. I believe it brought up the most fruitful conversations and was the most heart touching and did all this in it's simplicity and beauty. 

Dying Is Part of This World is also a book written as a dialog between a child and her mother. The book has much more text then the other 2 of Jarmon's books we reviewed and doesn't include illustrated pictures expect for the one on each chapter's beginning. 

The entirety of the conversation captured in this title takes place on the car ride home from "Papa's" house where the child brings up her heaviness and fear about death. Back and forth the mother and child converse about heaven, hell, sin, death, the gospel, salvation, our hope in heaven, how we can ask God to say hello to those we miss, how it's okay to be sad and miss our loved ones, and also the truth that Christians will see each other again! This book even warns that talking to the dead is forbidden by God, but we can talk to God and ask Him to say hello to those who have passed before us.

My FAVORITE part of this book is all the scripture and questions at the end of each chapter. We simply read through the title like a story book. However, if I had a hard copy of this book, I would use it as a daily devotional study. I would read the chapter, discuss what was talked about and have my children look up the scripture at the end of each chapter so they can draw the same conclusions highlighted in the text on their own! 

Oh, how I wish I had these books as hard copies! (Did I say that already?!?)

* When we read the two above books together, we acted them out and each read a character's parts. This was a blast! We were laughing and we found some hidden acting talent in one of our daughters through this experience. Considering the dialog format in which these books were written, this is a fun and creative way to read through them making them more personal and encouraging a deeper involvement in the text *

A Boy and His Dog is a clever, humorous short story depicting a boy and his daily life with his dog by his side. It shows the companionship between animal and man. All my kids enjoyed reading this title on their own over and over. 


I think what Kayla Jarmon is attempting to create here with these Discussion Series books is spot on! I love these books and hope that she creates more! These ARE available as hard copies as well as for the kindle. I very much would love to purchase these for our family library and use them as part of our daily devotional life or for a family night book series where we can discuss topics that arise as we read through this books. Like I said, you can page through them and simply read them, or you can use them as a tool to dig deeper and spend time chewing on the richness that inhabits them!!

Jarmon is also working on creating audio books and radio-dramas for her books which is very, very exciting! 

I can tell a lot of prayer went into these books and they are led by the Holy Spirit and inspired by Scripture! 

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