Tuesday, March 6, 2018

CursiveLogic Review

I'm kind of a stickler when it comes to the curriculum I commit to. I find one thing I love and that works and I stick to it never really venturing out and seeing what other options are available. CursiveLogic graciously provided us with their CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive coloring book to review and it has opened my eyes to a better way to teach cursive handwriting! Truly, without hypocrisy, I am AMAZED at what it has done for my 6-year old daughter.

The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes a workbook and access to an instructional webinar which explains how the program works and how to teach it to your child. The webinar is a very thorough video that walks you through, step-by-step what each lesson looks like and how to instruct your child so they can succeed using the program. 

The lesson book is spiral bound at the top which threw me for a loop at first simply because most workbooks don't have this layout, but I quickly learned the brilliance of this design when Hayven was able to lay her arm across the page without having 1cm spaced stripes across her wrist and forearm. The book is also laid out where you proceed page after page to the end of the book, then flip the book around and go back on the opposite side for the higher lessons. This simple layout helps your student flip through their lesson with ease and without confusion of what page to do next.

I taught my now 7-year olds cursive when they were 6 and I approached it using a method that taught one letter at a time. Uppercase "A", lowercase "a", followed by uppercase "B" then lowercase "b" and so on. Once we made it through the alphabet, we practiced writing words, then sentences, then forming paragraphs.

However, CursiveLogic teaches cursive in a different way. It focuses on lowercase letters (since 95% of writing is in lowercase) and breaks them down into 5 basic shapes that include all the letters in the cursive alphabet. Each shape has a designated color which helps reinforce the different shapes to the student and has a specific rhythm and "catch phrase" that is repeated as the child preforms the basic shape of that letter. This solidifies a muscle memory for each shape and creates incredible uniformity in their letter writing even at an early stage of cursive writing. 

I can't even tell you what a difference it is to have a child look FORWARD to pulling out their cursive lesson and having such amazing, neat, legible, tangible success in the first weeks of attempting cursive writing! After each lesson I would take a picture of what my 6-year had written and sent it to my parents and family members simply because I was in shock at how quickly my daughter was turning into a better cursive writer then I was!

In an effort to improve my cursive, (mostly because I was ashamed when my husband pointed out our 6-year old was beginning to have better handwriting then I was) I pulled out Cursive Logic's The Art of Cursive coloring book, that I mentioned in my opening paragraph, which was created not to instruct, but to reinforce what has already been learned. I was encouraged to use it to improve on my handwriting as well as take the time to sit and color and enjoy my children at the end of our school day (my one-year old's love language is coloring along side me and his siblings).

I truly stand behind this product. If I could endorse it any more then I already am, then I WOULD! I love it and would use it for my succeeding children to teach cursive writing. The results are so impressive, the concepts are so easy, and it makes writing in cursive such a natural thing, I just simply cannot say enough about CursiveLogic

CursiveLogic has blessed me with the opportunity to present my readers with a special discount on their program. This discount will only be valid through the end of March and includes the Quick-Start Pack (webinar and workbook combo). Simply use the code CREW2018 when you check out and 20% will be taken off your order. 

I really hope you give CursiveLogic a shot! I KNOW you won't be disappointed!!

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