Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Easy Peasy Cursive Review

Cursive Writing is so important, and in my opinion, mandatory for all young children to learn. There have been so many studies on the affects that cursive writing has on a child's ability to learn, read, and communicate. Learning cursive takes loads of practice, but, thankfully, doesn't need to require many resources. 

On that note, here is one resource I think is invaluable to begin the journey of cursive writing! It's called Easy Peasy Cursive created by Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks. This book is heard for 1st to 3rd graders and was used by one of my 2nd graders on a daily basis.

Now, we have already gone through the entire alphabet before having received Easy Peasy Cursive, and I am so thankful we're doing it again with this tool! This 8/5" by 11" workbook includes 80 pages focusing on the upper and lower case of each letter. It has a unique layout that allows the young writer to see the slant at which their letters are supposed to be written as well as how much space should be allowed between each letter. I loved this because my girls tend to stretch out their words when writing in cursive. This book challenged them and taught them how to squeeze those beautiful curvey letters together!

We did a page a day which was not overwhelming at all. In fact, my daughter looked forward to it instead of dreading the long sheets of writing she was doing prior. These short lessons demanding accuracy were far more productive!

The last page of this work book includes a few words the student is to write out in cursive. I really wish this book would have included more pages like this, or create a second version that brings students to the next level in writing more words instead of just individual letters. 

Do We Recommend? Absolutely! Fantastic tool for just starting cursive! Easy Peasy Cursive will give your child a very strong foundation to begin writing in cursive. 

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