Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Can Study Acts Alone With God Bible Study Review Greek 'N' Stuff

Looking for a solid devotional for your child that simple goes right through the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter? I am SO PLEASED to announce that I found one and was able to review it!

Alecia (my six, almost seven year old) has been working her way through I Can Study Acts Alone With God Bible Study in the KJV created by Greek 'n' Stuff. This is a beautifully and securely spiral bounded Bible study includes a durable plastic cover and 156 pages of verse by verse study through the book of Acts. It has 52 lessons that are pointed at each being accomplished in a weeks time frame. 

Let's take a look at Lesson Three.

Each lesson has a portion of scripture that the child will focus on that week. In this case Acts 2:1-36. Every morning they first pray and ask the Lord to help them study God's Word. They then go over their weekly memory verse (which my kids ADORE memorizing scripture so this was a favorite for my daughter). Divided into smaller portions of scripture, every morning the child is to meditate on and answer the (typically) 3 questions about the scriptures they've read. There are also small boxes filled with extra bits of information that brought the scriptures to life.

I loved that we chose the KJV because it challenged my daughter's vocabulary skills, her reading skills and her spelling skills. Each of Greek 'n' Stuff's Bible Study's come in either KJV or NIV. Their other studies created by them include Esther, 1 Samuel, and Jonah & Ruth. You can view them all here.

How We Used These: I used these as a daily devotional time for my daughter. Every morning (or afternoon depending on our schedule) she would snuggle up and spend time dissecting the book of Acts in a more intricate way then she ever has before. AND she did so pretty much independently!

Age Recommendation: As far as age group recommendation, my 6-year old seemed to be able to use this almost independently. Part of that is because I chose the KJV so understanding some of the language was a bit challenging. However, the Bible Study is laid out so simply and clear that I feel like age 6 and up could handle it. My 5-year old (who has a 3rd grade reading level) might struggle a bit with using this is my guess, simply from a maturity standpoint. 

The company Greek 'n' Stuff also makes other curriculum such as studies of the Greek language called "Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!" and studies of the Latin language titled, "Latin's not so Tough!". You can read reviews on these items by my other team members by clicking the banner at the bottom of this post :).

Would I Recommend This?: I ABSOLUTELY recommend these I Can Study Alone With God Bible Study's! I plan on purchasing more in the future (which means I REALLY liked them). The biggest reason I liked them so much was there was no topical studies through God's Word, just simply reading the text and answering the questions of what happened in the text. Simply teaching the Word of God simply, as I love to say! I felt like these were safe, accurate study's of God's Word. 

Thank you Greek 'n' Stuff!!!

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