Thursday, July 6, 2017

*GIVE AWAY!!!* Large Family Living: Health Care

I have an entire page on my blog dedicated to Samaritan Ministries

It's truly the BEST option for a large family (and even a smaller family) when it comes to health care. 

There are no "networks" you're ensalved in, the monthly payments cap off once you have 3 children, and best of all it works! We've had every single one of our qualifying medical bills completely covered. 

The only vitamins and supplements I bother to buy are a multivitamin (usually through my husband's job's Health Savings Account money that is set aside for this type of thing), Vitamin D (for the winter months) and Vitamin C (for sicknesses or flu season). I usually get these from Costco or Shaklee. 

Medicines are not a thing really used in my home. I've made herbal tinctures and creams and salves for years and they've met almost all our needs. I now own a business that sells these very same products I've used for years and years. 

Some products our store carries include:

Fever, Cold and Flu Tincture
This is my most coveted item our shop carries. It's miraculous how God created these simple herbs to naturally reduce fevers and ease cold and flu symptoms. I have countless stories of how this tincture has saved my family!

Digestive Aid Tincture
Upset tummies, colic, indigestion, morning sickness, diarrhea girgles everything. 

Elder and Echinacea Tincture
This I literally carry around in my diaper bag and give it to my whole family whenever I feel they need an immune boost. This is probably our most versatile tincture!

Insomnia Tincture
Not only does this help you or restless kids settle down into a blissful sleep, but it is used for treating anxiety and depression as well! We have many testimonies of this tincture being used for this purpose. 

Garlic Tincture
This is great for everything again. Virus and bacteria fighting. We have testimonies of people using it to treat warts, stomach ulcers, foot fungus, cold sores, lots of things. 

Our store carries a few creams that are great to have on hand including our Best Selling Menthol and Magnesium Muscle Cream, Healing Cream, Bug Cream, and Booty Cream. We will soon be stocking our Eczema Cream which is incredible stuff! This cream was actually created for my nephew who has that sensitive white baby skin. A customer of ours requested some of the cream and was so impressed asked us to list it as a regular product!

We also have several essential oil roll-ons including our Immune Booster, Rise and Shine, Spot Treatment, Headache Away, and Calm Me Down.

We stock many other items that I would implore you to check out!! 

As far as Dental and Vision, we've never had insurance for either of these before, but we are looking into getting Dental insurance this year. In the past we simply paid for whatever procedures needed to be done using our HSA through my husbands work. 


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