Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Whistlefritz: Homeschool Second Language Review

A second language is almost necessary in the culture and world we live in nowadays. It's definitely a wonderful gift you can give to your children that will benefit them in really ANY endeavor they embark upon. Whether your children grow up to be a missionary, a business person, a local shop owner, or a plumber, speaking more then one language will give them the upper hand in any field or calling.  On my blog I have talked about raising "bilingual babies" before, and since then have searched near and far and never really found any other program geared toward the younger ages of my children. So much so, my husband and I have had conversations of what the perfect French Homeschool Curriculum would be. GUESS WHAT! I found something VERY, VERY close to what I would call the PERFECT one. 

Whistlefritz! The kids and I have been using the Educator's French Collection Kit which is absolutely incredible! I am so enthusiastic about this program (Can you tell?) and can't wait to give you my review of it!!

Program Creator - Close to Home: This program originated from a mom who was seeking to teach her children Spanish and ended up creating Whistlefritz! How cool is that?!?

The vision of Whistlefritz is to focus on fun with the premise that kids learn best when they want to just have fun. And boy, did they stay true to this standard! This program is SO FUN! 

What makes it unique?
Whistlefritz believes that immersion in a language is important as well as hearing children and adults speaking it in their native accents. I found this such a unique and priceless factor in this program. There is also repetition of words and concepts which solidifies learning a second language. You can read more about them on there page here.

How Whistlefritz Works and How We Used It!
I get SO excited about foreign language programs, so our family did a lesson a day since receiving our Whistlefritz package in the mail! Now, the girls are getting more intense in their piano studies, so we are continuing our French lessons two days a week, which is still equally effective since the kids have more time to practice and "mull over" what they've been learning. You can truly tailor this program to fit your needs. Daily, weekly, several times a week...

This curriculum focus' on a lot of crafts, music, and dancing, which, of course, every enthusiastic adult like myself kid LOVES! 

Here is an example of lesson 8: Ma Maison.

Here are a few things I want to point out that I loved:
  • Each lesson tells you about how long it should take to complete
  • The instructions are written in English and French so I can speak to them only in French even when giving direction
  • There is a script given to me on what to say every step of the lesson
  • There are tips on how to bring "closure" to the lesson and reinforce what we learned previously and incorporate it into what we just learned
  • There are extension activities that include the DVDs or the Music CDs that are included 
  • Everything you need is included as far as worksheets go: All the activities and crafts, paper dolls, board games, lyrics to the songs and definitions to the words, vocabulary flash cards, everything!

What Does It Include?

WhistleFritz Educator's French Curriculum includes (1) Lesson Plan Book, (2) Three Videos, (3) Two Music Cds, (4) Matching Game Cards. 

Video Sample:

Being able to read in two languages and being a LOVER of studying languages myself, as well as being married to a man that at one point in his life spoke several languages fluently, I would say, if I could make a curriculum for my children to begin learning a language with, WhistleFritz would be very close to it. It's incomparable to anything else out there. It's an all-in-one curriculum. My only negative thought is that there isn't MORE WHISTLEFRITZ!! So, let's support this curriculum and let it grow to giving us more valuable options for our homeschool!

I was so impressed with this and it enriched our homeschool tremendously! 
I hope that you would try WhistleFriz as a second language option!

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