Wednesday, June 7, 2017

K5 Learning Review: Online Math and Reading Enrichment

I recently was away from home for quite some time. My husband and I had a homeschooling convention, followed by my trip to Arizona, immediately followed by a women's retreat and then my husband and I were in a wedding and had events planned every day leading up to the wedding. Homeschooling during this time away seemed impossible. I knew I would have rotating babysitters, we'd be on the run and I wouldn't be able to set out any lesson plans. However, I didn't want to leave my kids with the plan to watch educational movies all day, but I wanted them to really continue their studies and progress.

Thankfully, I got my four oldest kids enrolled in K5 Learning and was able to do a review regarding their online program. This is an incredible supplemental option for reading, writing, and spelling and worked perfectly for the time I was unable to get the kids into book work (I also discovered so many practical applications for this program for every type of family - homeschool or not! Read below...)

What is K5 Learning?
K5 Learning is an online supplemental program for grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. It focuses on Reading, Math, and Spelling. K5 Learning sets up a profile for each of your children (up to four children). Upon the completion of an assessment test, the parent is emailed a brief summary of their child's placement in comparison to the average of children their age. K5 Learning then sets up lesson plans specifically suited toward that child based on their weaknesses and strengths. 

The child can log into their special, customized account using their own username and password and complete their lessons. There are also worksheets available for each lesson to print if extra practice is needed. 

Each lesson consists of full instruction of concepts as well as fun games and characters that motivate your child to keep learning. And I mean FULL instruction, not just a review of topics that they may be expected to already have knowledge about. These kids are being taught these lessons. 

The parent gets their own log in information where they can access automatic evaluations of their child(ren)'s progress. They can observe how many lessons have been completed and in what areas. They can assess their child's progression and struggles.

There are no pop-ups, no adds, and nothing that could lead your child to an inappropriate web page. 

Did We Like It?
Yes! We LOVED it! The kids were all excited to work on their lessons! I was very appreciative as to how complete each lesson instruction was. Each lesson gave my children a complete explanation of the concept at hand what it entailed and equipt them to do the activity throughougly and correctly. 

The convenience of this program saved me in so many pinches I was in over the last 6 weeks. I am becoming to use K5 Learning as part of our homeschooling regime and am wondering what I am going to do without it!

My only criticism is that the math used is Common Core math, which is important to us and doesn't work well for our family. 

Ahavah working on K5 Spelling

Other Practical Applications of K5 Learning:
I have used it for those days when bookwork just isn't an option (like when two of your children wake up with chicken pox all over their body - yes that happened yesterday). 

Another way to utilize this online program is as part of a rotation in your school day. I've recently been having one child is read with me, one child reading independently, and one child on K5 Learning doing reading. Then they rotate. 

Even as an over-the-summer online supplemental program to keep your kids sharp until the next school year starts is a brilliant application of this resource. 

Again, if you have a babysitter, or an emergency, it is much easier to give a guest the kids log in information and allow the kids to "school themselves" when you cannot be there to teach them then it is to lay out a prescribed amount of book work needing to be completed. 

Our family's education has definitely been enriched by this creative, fun, and truly beneficial supplemental online program K5 Learning! I know that the website currently offers a free trial. I would encourage you to check it out!

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