Friday, May 26, 2017

Project Garden: Year Two! (Part 1)

A much more organized approach this year! Yay!!

My mom actually purchased a little tiller that could be plugged in via extension cord. We also made a "path" around our garden with leaves that my mom saved to cover her rose bushes over the winter. 

We also made our garden a bit smaller then last year. This will minimize the weed growth and "extra space". However, we increased the number of plants we bought this year so we were really tight on space. We'll see how well we can navigate the garden in a month or so from now. 

Mom chilled with the kids while we tilled, planted, and put up the fence around our garden on a BEAUTIFUL sunny Sunday afternoon. The next week would be followed by 7 days of rain! Perfect for new seedlings!!

We also planted many herbs this year mostly for our business. So you'll be happy to know that a lot of the herbs we use in our creams and tinctures will be organically grown right from our own garden!! Yay! They'll be more potent, fresh, and we know exactly how they were handled. 

We did less cucumbers and other crawling plants this year so we'll see how this little trellis holds up. We also DIDN'T put the trellis against out outside fencing since we had mutant cucumbers growing into our fencing last year.

The kids didn't get to help as much with the planting process this year since we were on a time crunch once we got to this point. But, they'll help more with the weeding later on. 

We had to tie our tomato plants to steaks to ensure they'll stand up with the heavy rains we knew we'd be receiving. 

Overall, our garden is about 100 sq feet (maybe bigger?), and will hopefully feed our families and meet the needs of others! Yay!

Oh! We planted FAR LESS COLLARDS then our 40 some plants last year! 

Haven enjoyed playing in mom's fairy garden :)

Excited to share the lessons we learn this year from gardening, harvesting, canning and preserving!

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