Friday, April 21, 2017

True Heros

We went for a brisk spring walk a few weeks ago and had a great time to instill an important lesson into our children's hearts. 

Our culture is simply engulfed in this "super hero" complex.
There's almost ALWAYS a superhero movie in the theaters at any given time. 

And my kids LOVE reading.
They naturally end up coming home with a bag full of superhero books. 
And on the weekends, Alex likes to watch the old school Batman and Superman cartoons with the kids.

But on our walk, we got the privilege of walking the lake with some local hereos. 
Those that typically go unnoticed. 

We stood by the side of the path as the Firemen of Saint Paul ran the lake. 
We extended our hands and thanked them for their service to our city.

We explained to our kids that Batman has nothing on the men and women that work at the police and fire department. 

Or the pastors or school teachers that are daily laying down their lives to protect the people that are under them. Selflessly pouring themselves out for others. 

Or the parents that day in and day out pray and pour into their little ones. 

Those are the true heroes. 

I hope my kids know that. 

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  1. Awesome, i really like that.. the unsung heroes...