Friday, April 7, 2017

School Year and Summer Around the Bend

We usually school year 'round. 

There's several reasons for this, but one of which is we like to be able to take time off when we want to instead of being restricted to a few months in the summer. We like to take a month of around Thanksgiving and Christmas (family, story books, fireplaces, baking), a few weeks to a month of in the spring (starting a garden, cleaning the house, going to conferences), and a month or so off in the fall (Harvest time, canning, a few conferences or a trip overseas).

However, we usually hit the books HARD during the colder months since there isn't much else we want to do in the snow. So during the summer months, we take things much more light. Then we have more times to do "educational things" like :

... Build Choo Choo Trains...

... build forts... 
...Sit in the sand...

... And break in new swim suits!!! 
We'll be visiting the library a lot as well as supplying the kids with plenty of reading material. We plan on going to the beach and some walking trails at least once a week. We plan on sketching out our garden plan, purchasing plants and seeds, weeding and growing food, canning and preserving our labor. AND we're doing some chickens with some friends of ours this year! So many cool learning experiences!

Homeschooling rocks!

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