Friday, March 17, 2017

Bath Time and the Rapture

The boys stank.
I don't remember the last time I bathed them (busy mom confession)... but we HAD to be pushing over a week by now... (don't judge me! ;) )

The girls were doing their devotions on the couch, breakfast was dished up, schoolwork laid out, boys were fed... now was the opportune time!

"Girls! Finish up your devotions, eat breakfast, clean up and then start your math worksheets. I'll come down when I'm done and I expect to see you doing what I asked you to do."

I head upstairs and as I'm scrubbing these boys down the Lord is ministering to my heart,

They don't know when you're coming back down. Could be 10 minutes, could be 1 hour. Are they going to be found faithful doing what you asked them to do? They know you would be proud of them if you came down and they were found working diligently at the task you left them with. Tell them about Me. Tell the I am returning at any moment and that I want them to be found faithful in their walks with me. Tell them about my unfailing love for them.

I got to explain all this to them and Alex pulled out his Bible as I was talking and went through Matthew 24 with them. It was an awesome lesson!

Thanks Holy Spirit!!
How would we parent without the Holy Spirit?!?


  1. Awesome!!! Praise the Lord for godly Parent's who love Jesus Christ that much to actually Train up a child in then way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Love Y'all Deputies