Friday, May 13, 2016

34 Weeks and Early Labor Begins

So if you've followed any of my other pregnancies, you know I have a really hard time keeping my babies in to term. My preterm labor usually starts around 33-34 weeks. I then have to take it very easy until I get closer to full term.

33 weeks of beauty... hahaha

Around week 32-33, my baby dropped. I feel him in my pelvis for sure. My Braxton Hicks have increased a lot. Usually every evening I get them every 10 minutes. They increase when I move around. 

This last week (my 33rd week) was the hardest yet. I was up 4 nights in a row with contractions and cramping. Two nights ago I was up vomiting through the night which is usually my sign that labors only a few weeks away. The pelvic pressure has increased a lot. Sharp cervix pains. Things are moving right along.

34 weeks today! My pregnancy pictures are never a beautiful, glorious sight lol. 

My midwife said I'm dilated to about a 1 and cervix is "ripe". It's not too worrisome, but she has me taking several precautions just to make it another 3 weeks at the least. 

(1) Epsom Salt Baths daily
(2) Lots of water
(3) Benadryl when the contractions keep me up for nights

She recommended drinking a glass of wine daily, however, I am a worship leader and am choosing to not do this recommendation since that is my conviction. 

I can feel myself slipping into the "depressive" state I usually get into during this last trimester, but I'm praising the Lord I've been keeping my flesh in check so far. 

I'm trying to stay busy, but resting a LOT! I also know times coming close because I'm getting to that point where I don't want a lot of people at the house for a while. As you know, we have people living here and staying here constantly. I'm starting to get into that nesting mode where I need space, quiet, and rest. I feel like crawling into a cave with my little ones and preparing a space to prepare a nest and just nurture my babies for a few months. 

However, I am going to continue to lead worship as long as my body will let me, and we are going to continue to have home fellowship through everything. :)

Alex just finished up school so he will be coming home after work EVERYDAY! I have NO IDEA what it's like to have him home by 4pm every. single. day. !! Wow!!! I am so excited!!! 

God is good. Trying to keep my eyes on Him and not myself or others. Soon I'll be holding little Aryeh Duke Deputie in my arms.

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