Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lead Poisoning Update and 26 Weeks Pregnant

Monday we had a team come to the house and deep clean our home specifically for lead protection and stabilization. They shampooed the carpets, waxed the floors, covered chipping paint, and dusted areas that needed dusting. 

While they were doing that, I went to our pediatrician office to get Ahavah's platelets checked so that she could get dental work done Wednesday. Thankfully her platelets were well above the safe level!

After that we swung by Children's in Minnetonka and got long bone x-rays to measure the amount of lead in Ahavah's bones. Good news is there isn't any visible storage of lead in her bones! I don't know how that is, but I'm thankful!

Then I got a call to meet the Department of Health at the house so we could do ANOTHER inspection. 

At this point I am so exhausted I am just in tears. I've been sick for over a month now with what started as the influenza and has just lingered and lingered, getting worse then seemingly better. 

After all this my husband came home (skipping school) so that I could just sleep. We also canceled the plans we had at our home that night. 

Forgetting that I am pregnant, I may be pushing it a little too far. I have been having a whole lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I mean 5-6 strong ones every hour every night (when I sit and actually notice them). I have been having lower back pain and nausea as well. All signs of preterm labor (which I am very familiar with) that I had with all my girl pregnancies that never made it full-term. My son was the only pregnancy I didn't have a lot of these things with and he made it to 39 Weeks!!! I am really trying to take it easy in between appointments and on days when I have nothing scheduled. 

Emotionally, I'm pretty much a wreck these days. Really trying to hold it together, but the amount of things on my plate is a bit overwhelming. I try to only fall apart around my husband and then text two or three women very close to me to pray for me.

Wednesday the twins got to see a Biological Holistic Dentist! It was such an awesome experience! Expensive, but well worth it. The girls LOVED it! And mommy LOVED it too! They gave the girls x-rays and then gave them homeopathic x-ray tablets to protect their body from the radiation. 


They cleaned the girls teeth with some mixture of volcanic ash and water instead of high fluoride toothpaste. They went over the girl's diets and brushing habits and believe Ahavah's small cavities can heal themselves with proper mineralization, however Alecia's cavities are pretty big and she recommends filling them (with nonmetallic and non-harmful materials). She doesn't believe their teeth decay is from poor hygiene or improper diet, but due to the toxic burden on their little bodies from all the lead poisoning. 

Besides all this, Ahavah has horrific seasonal allergies. She gets black eyes due to how bad her allergies get. I put her on some homeopathic tablets I had her on last year and they didn't seem to be working, so i tried Claritin. She developed a sore in her mouth and complained that she was always thirsty, tired, and had a stomach ache. Also right after she took a tablet her allergies got really bad and didn't get better until the morning. I then decided to switch her to a brand I had her on as a baby called Hyland's Allergy Relief. I forgot how much I love these tablets! I put my husband, myself, and my son on them to see if they help with what I thought was a cold. 

Anyways, I really want to remember everything we're walking through and I won't unless I blog it. Hopefully it will give other mom's tips and some guidance in dealing with lead poisoning? Maybe?!?

I am going to see my midwife tomorrow since I started getting a fever again tonight along with this chest cough I can't seem to shake. Hopefully they can give me some insight on what's going on. I suspect stress, lack of sleep, and partially losing my mind has a lot to do with it, but no amount of tea, sleep, or water seems to help :(.

We DID finally get accepted to a Geneticist However, they can't get the girls in until right before my baby's due... of course...

AND I got a tremendous amount of paper work from this behavioralist/whatever she is that I will be working on over the weekend. 

We appreciate the prayers.

We see the Lord's guidance in everything and are blown away with how much He loves us. 

It's still hard to walk through, but we're striving to keep our eyes on the prize, that is Jesus Christ.

We're also praying over what appointments we make, what we cancel or push off, and when to rest. 

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  1. Y'all are FOREVER in my daily prayers, Cassie! I pray the Lord will heal the girls of this lead issue! I praise Him for not allowing it to affect their cognitive abilities! They really are the most mature and intelligent kids I have ever met in my entire life! You and Alex do SUCH a phenomenal job of following the Lord's guidance! I can see Jesus in y'all! ❤️