Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just about 12 Weeks & Home Depot Build Day

I turn 12 weeks in a couple days here. 
Come on second trimester! HERE I COME!

This week's been rough. 
Not nausea and pukeing like all the weeks prior, but some intense hormonal bursts. I'm wiped out! I want to lay around and sleep, but can't sleep. The headaches have been really bad. My uterus has exploded as well as bust size the last two weeks. I can't lay on my stomach or back because of the weight of my uterus. Crazy how the last two weeks you can physically see the reason I feel so cruddy. 

I'm so excited to have another child! My husband blessed me with some units from Ikea for the kids room and for the NEW schoolroom! I'll have to work on getting some pictures... The bedroom and upstairs is all organized and in progress for getting ready for baby! YAY!

This pregnancy is going FAST so far! I feel like I got a positive test maybe a month ago and I'm already 12 weeks!?!? WOW! I'm thankful it's going quick though. 

We've fallen further behind in school then I would like, but that's somewhat expected with how sick I've been. I finally got a day or so to deep clean the house. It was SO needed and SUCH a blessing! 

My husband has finals this week, clean up next week, then he has a month off school! I can't even wrap my mind around him just going to work and then coming home! It's going to be SOOOO nice! 

All my babies getting ready to build away!

HOME DEPOT does a kids building day on the first Saturday of every month. We went down to the Bloomington Home Depot with the kids this Saturday. It was a blast. Families there must not have a lot of kids because we walked in and it felt like we were famous TV stars or something. Pretty much everyone in the store walked up to the edge of the isle and just smiled and stared at us walking by. The workers were pointing to where the kids building area was. Customers pulled their carts to a stop and just gawked. Everyone was smiling... c.r.e.e.p.y...

Hayven's about ready to paint!

There was a Santa, Mrs. Clause, and Frosty the Snowman there as well as cookies, doughnuts, hot chocolate and other activities like coloring snowflakes ect. Elias was OBSESSED with the snowman! He wouldn't even do his project because he needed to keep an eye on "that snowman". It's all he talked about; even hours after we left! I got a picture of him with the snowman that I wanted to print out for him. The snowman went on break and took his costume off and came back over to see Elias. I said, "Look Eli! It's the snowman!" "No it's not!" he said, thouroughly examining the red haired man. HAHAHA.

Elias and "That Snowman"

The whole ride home he kept saying, "That Snowman had to go home. He'll be back. He's gonna get me some candy. He'll be back. Mom! That Snowman went home? Why? Mom! He's gonna come back?..."

Ahavah had a strategic plan on how she wanted to paint her project.

Mrs. Clause had a necklace of bells around her neck. She said she was waiting all day for a special child to give her necklace to and she chose Alecia! Then she found out Alecia was a twin and she went into the back room and got a bracelet with bells on it for Ahavah. 

Elias finally decided to help his dad with his project and stop stalking the snowman for a few minutes. 

We build (no pun intended) so many memories at these building days. It's SO FUN! It brings out each child's personalities and natural born talents (or lack thereof ;) ) and gives Alex and few hours of great bonding time with the kids. The kids get pins for their Home Depot vests as well as certificates which I keep with their homeschooling papers.

Alecia's my naturally-inclied builder. She usually can just be handed the materials and follow the directions herself. She may need help hammer nails into a tricky place, but she's the most independent with a hammer. 

See if the Home Depot in your area has this and take the kids! It's a BLAST! I would suggest taking your husband or at least someone to help you. I tried to go without Alex twice and there are four little kids needing my help with every step... it's a bit overwhelming. Especially if you go to a city Home Depot where there are 100 kids coming through to do crafts. The suburban Home Depot seemed to have 20-30 kids that came through in the 2 hours we were there. 


  1. Cute idea!! I'll have to see about it for my nieces and nephews...

    and people were staring because face it, you have really cute kids! Plus a set of identical twins.. and then Hayven is almost as big as the twins so people might think triplets.. lol I can understand the stares.. and seeing little hands and little people be creative is always fun... :-)

    Hope this week coming up is better pregnancy wise! Have you had any other scans since the one where they saw a possible second sac?

    1. No certain news yet which is why I haven't posted anything. We tried to pick up heart beat/ heartbeats but couldn't get anything. For a few seconds we thought we heard something, but the baby(ies) was moving so much we couldn't place it.

      My sympyoms have been so exaggerated it's hard to believe I'm having only one baby, but my midwife seems pretty certain I'm only having one. I'm content with that. I have an appointment Monday so hopefully we pick up a heartbeat. 😄