Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Picture Post & Pregnancy Update

Our attempt to go to a corn maze that closed a week before we got there:

Our Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Project:

Today I am 8 weeks and 4 days. I had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago and it revealed two sacs in there. No one's completely certain what this means, but it's either two babies, or a hemorrhage.  My midwife told me it's very likely I dropped two eggs and the second baby was too small to see in the ultrasound, or will get reabsorbed into my body if he doesn't mature. The radiologist said he believes its a small hemorrhage inside the uterus where the baby attached, ripped off and reattached somewhere else. I have another appointment next week. Maybe we can pick up some heart beats?!? 

I have never thrown up as much as I have with this pregnancy. I wasn't keeping many meals down for weeks. I would wake up and run to the bathroom and throw up. Every time I ate I would vomit. The nausea seems to be getting better as of yesterday. PTL! Hopefully it's uphill from here!!

Leading worship has been interesting. I've had a lined trash can up next to me every week. Several weeks I would be warming up, run to the bathroom, throw up my breakfast, and then go back up and lead worship. One week I went to church, but had kept throwing up and had the chills and was exhausted and just had to go home. 

I am just getting over bronchitis too. Now that's interesting! Having bronchitis and a tendency to throw up... 

It's also quite different living in a house with 12 people and dealing with first trimester fun-ness. The cooking, cleaning, crowded bathrooms, the smells, the irritation, and needing to just lay in bed and sleep. I can say that God's taught me so much dying to self and controlling my flesh. I stand back and am amazed at God's grace and His work in my life. I have the urge to have mood swings, but I just choose not to walk in that. Hopefully my pregnancy stays this way!

Elias called the baby "Duke" and gives him kisses and wants to punch him all the time. He wants to hold him and hugs my belly. :) 

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  1. Seriously, how cute is this picture at the end of the post?!

    Okay so... I guess I'll be on pins and needles wondering if you're having another set of twins or not!! Hope the morning sickness and first trimester ickiness smooths out soon and that the rest is happy sailing.

    Best wishes!