Thursday, October 8, 2015

Two Free Music Albums

I know a while ago I posted about opening a noise trade account and having a song or two up for grabs. I've been working on a recordings for a long time now. Unfortunately, there all not the most beautiful recordings yet... but I DO have a lot of them up on this website now for you to download... FOR FREE!!

I hope you're blessed by the music and that you are worshiping Jesus in your home. 

Alex and I practice worship with the kids to prepare them to worship on Sundays. We need to be doing the same in our lives. Can imagine what worship service would be like if everyone was practicing at home and then came together ready to minister to Jesus all together?!? 

So please check out this website and download the free music. If the sound quality just irritates you to pieces, then please pray I get the time and other things I need to make these recordings better :).

I also have a blog that I am developing that will include every song's chord charts, video tutorials, scriptures that the song is based around, as well as tips on how to use each song. 

My goal and vision is to raise up worshippers. Whether private worshippers, or public worshippers. I am praying for a revival through worship and a new wave of worship music that is TO the Lord and not ABOUT the Lord. Music that is scripturally sound and is simply kissing Jesus' feet. I want to get actual CD's made. I want to make some better graphics for covers of the albums and give them out for free. 

I am excited about what the Lord's doing with worship at our church and I am praying that there's a revival for Jesus!!!!

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