Friday, October 16, 2015

Important News!

I guess this blog wouldn't be if it weren't for this:

#5 is on the way!

Meaningless symptom babble:

I stared getting really nausous 2 weeks ago (which is when I believe I would have just conceived...?). I set my stuff up for worship and then kept running to the bathroom because I thought I was going to vomit! I told my pastor I couldn't do it. Same thing happened last Sunday morning, but I had a trash can near me and endured through it. 

This week Monday I was so nauseated and my boobs were killing me that I took a dollar store test. It looked like it might have been positive? I went and bought a more sensitive test and sure enough it was positive! I took another test the next morning... positive. Then I took another one yesterday to get those pictures... obviously positive. 

I've been throwing up 1-4 times a day and having serious pressure like my uterus is stretching already. I've never had symptoms this strong this early before. I have my first midwife appointment a week from this coming Monday and I am going to BEG for an early ultrasound for dating purposes and to see how many babies are brewing... It could just be a really strong child (which is what I believe the Lord showed me three months ago).

I am getting a massage next Tuesday and am really going to try to take great care of my body this pregnancy and see if it helps with my AWEFUL last trimesters. I want to get monthly massages, take lots of supplements throughout the pregnancy, get some sort of exercise and stretching in daily, and just take it more easy, relaxing and enjoying my children and my pregnancy. I had a feeling we'd be more lax on schooling and such this year and now I know why!!!

I'm excited to be preggers again and can't wait to blog all about it!! :) :)


  1. I'm just a stranger who has been following your blog for a few years... but I had a feeling this would be an upcoming post a couple weeks ago!! Haha. Congratulations!! Excited to see who will be joining your family (I have a friend who has 3 sets of twins, naturally, so anything is possible) and continuing in good thoughts and prayers that the health issues and cause of the lead poisoning is found out and resolved once and for all and for protection for her brain and neuro system!!