Friday, September 25, 2015

Febrile Seizure!!

Well, if this wasn't a bit freaky I don't know what is!

My son started getting warm and wanting to be held around dinner time last night. I put on a movie for him and placed him in his chair. I didn't think really anything of it since we've all been passing around this 12 hour not feeling well bug.

Sitting on the chair watching Dino Trucks.

After a few hours I picked him up and rocked him to sleep. Once he fell asleep I carried him into his room and laid him on the floor in his room next to the bathroom in case he needed to throw up. Alex got home around 9:40pm and went and laid next to him on the floor. They talked and laughed and Alex fell asleep next to him. 

My girls came up to go to bed a few minutes after and laid on the floor next to their brother. Alex and I went downstairs. Ahavah came running down a few minutes later saying, "Elias is acting weird!" Immediately I thought Seizure! 

I ran upstairs as Ahavah kept telling me he was making a clicking noise and shaking. Sure enough his whole little body was jerking around and he was foaming from his mouth onto his pillow. His eyes were open but he was unconscious. My dad ran up and told me not to restrain him, but make sure he's not going to hit himself on anything. We laid hands on him and prayed over him while Alex called 911. 

After a few minutes he stopped jerking and started just twitching. His breathing was very erratic. His eyes were open, but he wasn't responding still. The girls and I kept praying over him while my step-mom packed me a hospital bag and my sister texted people from the church to pray. 

We rode in the ambulance to the Emergency Room. Elias was very confused and not responding to anyone talking to him or to pain (they poked his foot to get a blood sample). 

Once we arrived at the hospital he started to talk and sat up and looked around. He was asking for his daddy. I called Alex and he came over to the hospital. After a few hours they let us go home. 

The Ambulance people gave Elias this Nemo Fish that he has been carrying around since last night :)
He's so in love with it!

He's totally fine now. We just need to try to keep his fever down until this sickness passes so he doesn't have another seizure.

It was such a frightening sight to see my son like that! But I had this tremendous peace overwhelm me and I was so calm through it all. I just knew the Lord had him and that he was fine. I never want to have that happen again!! Haha. 

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  1. That is scary! But I am glad he is okay. The same thing happened to my nephew when he had a very high fever during the flu last winter. He is perfectly fine now, but it was definitely a scare!