Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Omaha and Detroit


Here we are in Detroit! Our Omaha trip was great! We left Saint Paul on Thursday the 11th and went to Omaha for the Pastor's Conference. 

This is right before we loaded up in the car of Omaha.

Here's my sisters and me. We texted this to my dad before we left and when we showed up at his house, he had a huge on printed and framed! Awwww!!
 So on our way to Omaha, we stopped in this little town in some state and went a little out of our way to get some good coffee at a local coffee house. Turned out the coffee house was a Christian coffee house and the lady working behind the counter went to the Calvary Chapel there! It was very encouraging for her to have run into us. However, when we were pulling out, Alex and a brother he was riding with got into a car accident and smashed up the front of our rental car! So we stopped on the side of the road and me and the kids played games with walnuts that had fallen from the tree.

Here is Elias and I playing catch with the walnuts. 
 Saturday morning My sisters, Hayven, Elias and I left for Detroit. It was a 12 hour drive from Omaha including a few stops for food and bathroom. Here are some pictures from that car ride:

We are now in Detroit visiting My dad, step mom and little brothers. Hayven and Elias are enjoying their Uncle Tres and their Nana and Papa!

Watching Jelly Telly with their Uncle

Elias "helping" me organize our dirty and clean clothes.

Alyssa and Tres working on Alyssa's birthday gift. Light Bright. 

Hayven helping to work on Dad's new house. We are trying desperately to get it done before AaronMatthew gets out of the hospital!!! Lord, please help us!

I was able to lead worship at dad's church Tuesday night and I am ready and available to lead worship wherever the Lord leads me this next week. 

All in all we are having a blast. Exhausted. But serving through it. Learning a lot. Spending a lot of quiet time in our Bibles and a lot of time serving our dad and mom and the church when we can. 

I miss my twins terribly and talk with them every night and ask them how their day was and make sure they got into their Bible at some point that day. 

I think we are off to go to the shooting range next and then back to the house to sand more walls and prep them for painting! Praying we get a ton done!!!

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