Monday, August 11, 2014


Oh, what a summer it's been!
Our summers are typically very busy (hence my lack of posting).
It's our outreach season in our church, PLUS the kids have DGP (Discovering God's Path) which they technically aren't even a part of this year because they are too young, but my husband substitute teaches so we get to go on all the events. There's zoo trips, water park trips, camping trips (which I don't do....), and more water park trips. Also we like to do family things Saturday! Ministry together as well as going out for ice cream or to lakes or to parks. 

And I know it's not over, since it's only the second week in August, but once the twins birthday rolls around (which will probably be the next time I post something), our school year begins and summer is over. 

My son turned one!!! Here's some pics:

Aunty Riah got some "boy toys" for Elias. He is in LOVE with wheels, cars, and balls.
Since I do Secret Shopping, I scored a shop at Pizza Ranch. I get reimbursed for this putting, plus iI get paid $12 extra dollars. Elias LOVED all the carbs! At the end of eating, he was just laughing and shaking his head back and forth. He has WAY too much energy!
My girls being silly and feeding Hayven Ice Cream. Hayven loved it of course.

We went to Masha's (Grandma's) on Elias' birthday to open gifts, play in the yard and grill.
 I made Reeces Peanut butter Cup Cupcakes. My mom killed them!! And Elias appreciated them as well.
We have been going to the Farmer's Market almost every week:

My nerdy kids all holding hands. 

 We've been hanging out with friends and people at least once a week. We have been having people over for dinner, or going to other people's homes for meals and good fellowship :)

Sandbox with Best Friend of Hayven

Does anyone else feel that irritable urge to smooch this three toothed, handsome, little man?!?

AND!!! My husband gave me $40 and told me to paint the house (I LOVE HIM!!). With this $40, I checked Walmarts, Menards, Sherwin Williams, and Craigs List and painted the entire house!!! WOOO HOO!!!

The twins' room is now a beautiful lavender. I still have a gallon of this left that I'm going to hand onto for when my PICA kids chew on the wall... or I get a new piece of furniture that I want to match something.

My living room has one dark blue wall and the rest are a greenish, blueish, grey. My dining room is green. My kitchen is obnoxious yellow (which I have grown to like actually).

I still have to paint my bedroom a grey that I got and a baby green for my babies room. I borrowed painting supplies from my mom who just painted her whole house. And I got painter's tape for a couple bucks a roll. All in all I never paid more then $7 for a gallon of paint from what I remember. 

Yesterday we remembered there was an Irish fest on Harriot Island. It was free! So we went and spent $20 on food tickets. Then two families that were leaving gave us almost $40 is extra tickets!! We ate SO MUCH I still feel sick. We found another family with a large number of children and passed on $15 worth of left over tickets we just couldn't finish. 

Hayven doing and Irish Jig... in her... pink viking jersey...
We didn't plan ahead to go to this, we just up and went right after church. Otherwise we may have been more festive.

Ahavah getting ready to eat Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls. SO GOOD!
She actually preferred the Fish and Chips.

My twins dancing away!

So cute! I am going to miss this age!

Not sure how to rotate this picture, but you can turn your head I suppose. We piled all the kids into a double jogging stroller I got for my dad and step mom... somehow this beast has to make it out to Detroit....

Oh it's been a great summer. 
Hospital ... I mean... Luxurious, Expensive Hotel Stays

September lies ahead and we will be starting Kindergarten with the twins and Preschool with Hayven as well as traveling a lot this month. We are going to Omaha, Nebraska and then I am trying to make it out to Detroit, MI for the birth of my little brother Aaron, Matthew. I am REALLY bummed I am missing a wedding in Myrtle Beach this month :(. REALLY, really bummed. But, I am blessed. SO, so blessed!

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