Monday, June 2, 2014

7 Things ALL New Homeowners Should Know

Seven Things I Think New Home Owners Should Know:

(1) It takes a WHOLE lot longer to clean a house. I went from a 700-900 sq ft apartment to a 1,700 sq ft house. I feel like I go upstairs, finally get it decent looking, only to climb downstairs... and... I ... can't... believe... the ... mess!!!!! I FIANLY can say I am unpacked and have cleaned the whole house at least one time! Yay! 14,000,000 more times to go! :)

(2) The projects never end. "Oh! We could put shelves here! And a bench here! And what about that portable island I saw at Ikea for the kitchen?!? Paint! Let's change the bedroom to purple! My mom got rose bushes and she has extra for us! What about a rose bush garden?!? Can we sheet rock the basement? The endless cobwebs freak me out. What about put a second bathroom where this mudroom is?"

(3) Your Neighbors and Permanent. This is strange to me. The people next to me will probably be there my entire time in this home... strange... 

(5) It's Your Responsibility. When your fridge leaks water, YOU have to figure out why. When your sink clogs, YOU have to un-screw it, dig the hamburger fat clump out of the "U" shape of the pipes, and screw it back together. Hopefully you remember a large bucket so you don't spill water everywhere... Have branches scraping the shingles off your roof? GREAT! Go buy a ladder, saw, and Tarzan away!

(6) Men think the outside of the home and the basement are most important. My husband has spent almost every hour of his free time "working on the yard." He came to me today and said he's obsessed with yard work! I laughed at him and told him its a great hobby. Men since the beginning of time have built shelters and provided for their families that way. I think it's really cool... and hot ;)

(7) Your Home is such a BEAUTIFUL place that YOU get to fill with LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and HOPE. Fill your home with praises to God. Write the Word on your doorposts so they may be ingrained on the doorposts of the hearts of all who enter your home. 

Love. Laugh. Sing. Repeat. 

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