Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Reason to Complain

This is too hard!
I'm so exhausted!
I've been on my feet since I woke up!
I haven't slept in months!
There's just too much to do!
This house is ALWAYS messy!
I am always sick or in pain!

When I get in a funk of complaining, or being ungrateful this is literately what I do:

Lord, I know that You love me. I know that when I die I am going to heaven. I know I can do nothing for You. I have a wonderful husband, some pretty awesome kids, a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my back. Thank You! Praise You Lord! You saved me from Hell and from my sins!

Then I read an article in "Voice of the Martyr's" Magazine. These people have their family killed in front of them. They get beat, persecuted, killed, tortured, austricized from their people... and why was I complaining? Oh yeah... because serving the Lord in this free country...without direct persecution... and with the empowering of the Holy Spirit is ... too... hard?

REALLY Cassie?!?!?

What about my Lord?!?! Jesus Christ! 
If anyone had a right to complain, I think it should have been him! Born in a manager, hated by people his whole life. Not any people. His own people. His family. His flesh and blood. His chosen people from the beginning. All he did was love them. All he did was pour himself out as an offering. LITERATELY! And aren't we to be like our Lord??

Well, only Jesus is perfect... we can't really be like that...

Are you serious?!?? 
Do you believe the scriptures?? 
Do you REALLY believe the Holy Spirit fills you, speaks to you, empowers you? 
Do you hear God's voice in every thing you do? 
Are you not His?? 
Don't you know it says that we should not be surprised when trials come, but rather rejoice in them?!?! 
What, you can't take that literately!??!

How dare you insult the God of the universe and say that "it can't be done!" 
Where is your fear of Him? 
Your awe of Him? 
Your love for Him? 
His love for you?!?

This is all conversation I have with myself when I feel like complaining. 

So then I replace:

This is too hard! --> I believe God's word when it says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

I'm so exhausted! --> What a great opportunity to walk in the Spirit today and not the flesh by pressing on even when I'm exhausted. What an example to my children! What a blessing I get to serve my God who gave me everything.

I've been on my feet since I woke up! --> Praise the Lord for another day I am able to pour myself out as an offering on those around me! Fill me back up Lord! 

I haven't slept in months! --> My sweet little babies that need me through the night. I remember how many times I have cried out to You in the night, my God, and You answered me! I love that about You!

There's just too much to do! --> You don't need me. I get to partake in this awesome adventure You laid out for me from the beginnings of creation! That's so awesome! 

This house is ALWAYS messy! --> But filled with joy, love, peace, and Your Spirit and comfort. Thank You Lord! 

I am always sick of in pain! --> Oh I know there are those who are far worse off then me and can't get the medical attention they need. Lord, be with them! Heal them! Show them Your strong hand!

Forgive me, O God! I deserve nothing, but Your wrath, yet You have given me more then I could ever repay! Forgive me for ever complaining. Fill me with Your Spirit and help me walk with You.I DO believe Your Word. I need You, Oh, I need You! Every hour I need You. 

P.S. Please come get us soon... ;)

Note to self: read when feel like complaining.

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  1. A good exhortation and reminder to check our hearts. I love you dear and I am praying for you.