Saturday, December 1, 2012

Taking Care of Our Home

So I TOTALLY did NOT come up with all these ideas myself!

But they work for me and we made them our own! So I want to share what I do for my:

(1) Meal Planning
(2) Chore Doing
(3) Toiletry/House Needs

How do you organize all this??
How do some crazy, homeschooling, home-making mom's manage to clean their whole house weekly, make all organic, whole-food recipes, and keep their house stocked with everything they need to wipe their bums to clean the kitchen?!?

(1) Meal Planning:

I basically come up with four meals for each Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and write them in the box. I try to group them together to balance out the carb, fruit and veggie intake. Here is an example:

I love this because it:
(1) Encourages you to make meals in bulk and freeze
(2) Allows us to go out to eat as a family every now and then or eat at other's which we do often
(3) Lowers my grocery bill because I am only buying what I need for the week
(4) Lowers the amount of food wasted (especially produce)
(5) Allows me to group meals together for the week that include the same ingredients.

(2) Chore Doing
Now, this I TOTALLY stole from the following blog:

With a twist of our own...

Now for the "Super Cleaning" I printed out these and put them on fancy notecards:

The goal with the "Super Cleaning Cards" is so that the whole house gets deep cleaned two to three times a year. Sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to get through a card, sometimes a day. It depends on what that week holds. 

(3) Toiletry/House Needs

I hang this on a clipboard in my kitchen on the wall. There is (or should be) ALWAYS be a pen attached to this clipboard. (((You know how it is when things are hectic and you run out of zip-locks bags and attempt to put a mental note in your head that you need them, but after you run to the store to get dish soap, make-up and diapers, you totally have to send your husband to work with a sandwich in a plastic Cub bag... very sad...)))

So basically, with my hands covered in pancake batter, I grab the pen and put an "X" by garbage bags when I realize we are out. I no longer have a dishwasher, and never really use wax paper, or Febreeze, or floss for that matter... but I like to have it on there in case, for some strange reason, I need to remember to but some that week...


I really hope this blesses you and encourages you to be like the women that we have been studying in Titus and that you read in Proverbs 31. Take Care of Your Home. Watch over the affairs of your household and clothe them in scarlet! 

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