Monday, December 17, 2012

Pregnant With Kids

Pregnancy can be hard. 
Add one one, two, or three kids... all 2 and under... now that can be really hard. 

The all day sickness "morning sickness" is too much sometimes. Last night I was up at 2am because my baby, Hayven, was very upset for some unknown reason. I checked her diaper, rubbed her back, covered her up... she just wanted to be held. After about 5 minutes of comfort, I ran downstairs to lay on the bathroom floor for the next 30 minutes. 

This happened again at 6am with my oldest twin, Ahavah. Screaming for mommy for no reason. Woke the other kids up. I told them all to go back to sleep and ran down to the bathroom to spend another 30 minutes in there. Finally I crawled back into bed to be joined by all my kids by 10am. We all laid there until about 10:40am.

I stumbled down the hall way and plopped down on the couch. My eyes finally opened to:

  • the cereal from Sunday morning still crunched up into the carpet, 
  • the dishes smelly and still sitting by the sink, 
  • the dust mites on the shelves mocking me, 
  • and uncleaned cloth diapers all over the bathroom floor. 

So here are some practical tips on coping with Pregnancy With Kids:

(1) Use this as a training opportunity for the kids: My twins picked up the entire living-room, brought out some cereal and bagels and fed themselves and their sister, foraged the house for water when they were thirsty, and are currently having quiet time on the couch while I rest. Make them more independent, more helpful, and more obedient.

(2) Do what you can when you feel good: When I felt less sick, I quickly cleaned the bathroom, picked up a little, and dusted. It took about 30 mintues. After I went to the bathroom I wiped down the sink and emptied the trash. Don't feel bad about eating Mac & Cheese and Pre-Packaged meals when you don't feel good. When you do feel good, cook away and freeze!

(3) Rest when they rest: Seriously. 

(4) Send them to their room to play: My twins used to hate to play in their room by themselves, but the more you have them do it, the easier it gets. They may cry the whole time the first few times, but don't give in. Now this is what goes down,
"Okay I need you guys to go upstairs and play until daddy get's home."
"Okay, Mommy!"
**Little feet running upstairs**

They know they aren't to come down without permission. Even if they start fighting, or someone supposedly get's hurt, they must stand at the top of the stairs and ask if they can come down.

(5) Ask for help: Have the kids do a play-date at a friends house. Or even a sleepover! Ask your husband if he would help with a load of dishes or laundry. Ask the Lord to continue to give you strength and patience. 

(6) Disposable Season: Use disposable diapers, paper towels, store bought laundry soap and deodorant, paper plates, and plastic silverware for a season... It's OKAY! :)

I think the BEST thing you can do is #1 on this list. Train your kids to be more of a help around the house. My girls clean the entire living room themselves. They put the clothes in the dirty laundry basket, picked up the cereal, the baby toys, the books and put them back on the book self, put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Train, train, train... 

I think it should get easier the older the kids get, NOT harder.

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