Monday, August 8, 2011

Two weeks ago the girls and I (along with Jordan) went down to the Douglas' for a week. I felt like I was at home!!! I seriously did not want to leave! Also, my wonderful husband took the megabus to visit us on Saturday night! It was a wonderful WONDERFUL trip!!

We are still living with friends. Last week our apartment complex finally decided to replace the padding under our moldy carpet. Unfortunatly, considering they waiting a month, we have to toss both couches, one of my favorite throw pillows, some of the girls toys and blankets. There could be more stuff we need to toss. We will see.

Also, we are moving into our new apartment on the 20th. Just another case to practice being flexible and a supportive wife even in stressful occasions (which actually haven't been that stressful, praise the Lord). To add to this, my husband will be out of town on the children's camping trip that weekend and won't be back until Sunday night and works Monday morning. The girls and I along with possibly my mom and sisters will (hopefully) be painting and (possibly) moving some stuff in that day. Not to mention, the 18th is my dad's wedding so ALL our attention will be focused on him and Raina. When will we actually have time to pack? No idea :)

Pregnancy has been GREAT! My body does SO WELL being pregnant! I am really enjoying it this time around. No end pain, great love making, the pregnancy glow, eating whatever I want (except corn) without hurting... it's great.

The only downside is my back and neck and shoulders are REALLY messed up. I mean the worse it's have been. Also, my sciatic nerve or whatever runs through your right butt cheek hurts. These things never happened with the twins. Probably because I wasn't picking up one-year-old twin girls all the time :)

Overall though, we are doing really well. Facing trials, but walking through them with the strength of Christ. Dealing with issues with some of our friends and seeking reconciliation with them, living in the basement of a friends house while all our stuff is molding in another apartment, being pregnant with twin girls and having no idea when I will have a place to call my own again, pressing on in the ministries that the Lord has us in even when it's REALLY REALLY HARD and discouraging... oh my friends and family! God is faithful. Even when we are
faithless. Cast your burdens upon Him and wait on Him. Trust in Him. Fear no man, only God. Enjoy every moment that He places you in, even the ones that we tend to make stressful. Step back, take a deep breath and ask God to show You how He is working in you; how He is being glorified. Enjoy the ride :) He loves you and has your back :)

I love You Yeshua!!

My baby girls are turing one on the 30th! I cannot believe it! Seriously! And let me tell you, things get much more interesting when they arrive at this milestone. They develop this terrible trait of temper tantrums and a new burst of strong-will and testiness. But my husband and I are still holding our ground, bringing our girls out where we go and using every opportunity to train them up in the righteousness of God and according to His word. We do not want them to limit where we go or the ministry that we do, but we want to train them up to partake of that ministry with us (even if that means sitting in the other room quietly playing or sleeping).

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