Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muscle Babies

6 weeks old and my girls are successfully and professionally holding their head up. They are a little shaky still, but they have it down packed. We have also been weaning them off of sleeping in our bed. We officially started two nights ago.I get mixed opinions on whether it's alright to do when they are this young. Last night I was a little nervous and felt neglectful becuase they are also dealing with as pains and I wanted to comfort them. But I sought some counsel and realized that they REALLY just want to be held. After all, once I pick them up, they are fine.

We decided to wean them after a night of trying to get them to sleep in their bassinet in our room. We would hold them until they fell asleep, them carefully over them into their bassinet. But they knew they were in there and woke up. We let them cry for about 30 minutes then did an experiment. We took all their blankets off, so they were cold, and then just set them on our bed. Immediately they were quiet and falling asleep! They seriously just wanted to be on our bed!

Oh, I was meaning to give an update on how the PUPPPS was going. The rash and severe itchiness only lasted 2 weeks (PRAISE GOD!!!) The only relief I found was... this is a little weird... breast milk. I would deal with the itchiness all day, and then at night I would stand in the shower and dab ICE COLD breast milk all over the rash. It would cool the skin and the itching very nicely. Sitting in a cold bath would do the trick too, but it was very temporary. With this rash, it's like once you even brush up against something, you NEED to itch and itch and itch and can't stop. Well putting the breast milk on the rash kinda "re-set" it. So if you didn't scratch again for a while, it was tolerable.

However, the PUPPPS is still in my system for some reason. The places I itched the most started getting itchy again about a week ago. There is no visible rash except for the scabs from scratching, and it doesn't itch NEARLY as bad!!!! Praise God!

I also wanted to share my first attempt at grocery shopping with out my husband. I took the girls to Cub. They were having really bad gas pains and screaming the whole time. I put both their car seats in the cart and could hold one as I went down one isle and hold the other as I went down another isle. Well I finally got through the check out and to the car. I knew that I hadn't strapped them back into their car seats so I was cautious about taking them into the car... but not cautious enough... I had Alecia in the basket of the kart and pulled her car seat out. All of the sudden the car seat felt really light. I look back and she is face down in the kart wrapped i her blanket! I felt like a HORRIBLE MOTHER!! She was alright and once I picked her up she calmed down. :(


  1. I think sleeping with babies is WONDERFUL. it's one of the most special, precious, comforting thing parents can do. It gives babies that chance to stay so snug close to mamma and daddy and to gain the trust that you are close for them. Plus daddies sleeping with babies is the most delicious thing ever.

  2. You are not a hrrible mother. I was coming home from a women's event once, and she was crying and hungry in her car seat. I had won a vase of flowers at the event which I placed on top of the car while I got her out of the back. I shut the door and the flowers and water fell and spilled all over her in her seat. Then she was really crying and I felt the same horrible guilt that you felt. Accidents happen, if you love your babies you are an awesome mom. : )