Monday, August 9, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

Advice I received:
  • Get as much rest as you can in the third trimester to prepare for the sleepless nights to come
  • Get a journal for each child and write things that they do that you want to remember

Difficulties and Remedies:
  • Really uncomfortable sleeping nights due to flat or lumpy pillows
  • Sleeping only from 3am-6am or 6am-10am: finishing a number of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti books
  • Itchy skin!!
  • Ruining ALL my white shirts due to... who knows what?!? I guess it's preparation for the babies: Wearing dark colors and having back up plan outfits
  • Swollen feet and calves in the summer humidity: Having a great husband who massages them and elevates them for me: Having great sisters who paint your nails (which you can't reach) so they at least look like a pretty foot balloon.
  • Trying to sit up straight in bed. There is no way! You can only lay and roll.
  • Trying to shave when all you can see is your belly: do the best you can and check in the mirror later
  • Trying to wipe after a poop: wet wipes :)
  • Being so incredibly itchy!: Take all your clothes off and lay motionless on the couch! HAHAHA! Or have an amazing husband who will lightly rub your tummy for like an hour :)
  • Ahavah hogging the entire belly space. She lays in the center of my belly and Alecia is literately pushed far over on my right side. This causes my belly button to always be a little to the left.
  • Placing anything on my belly and immediately the babies kick at it. Doctors can rarely get a good 2o minutes of heart beat becuase the girls don't like the monitors on my belly. When I rest a book, cell phone, glass of water or anything on my belly they freak out.
  • Alecia hardly ever moves unless Alex places his hand on my belly. She seems to respond to him better.
  • Trying to grad Ahavah's leg or foot when she presses it against my belly. Alecia usually presses her back and butt against my belly and not her limbs.
Weird Things:
  • Extracting milk when the babies haven't even arrived yet
  • Having the girls move their arms around in my pelvis
  • Having a contraction and being able to clearly see the body mass of each twin

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